Our Selections: 4 Cigars to Enjoy in Wintertime

Category_Cigarby Juan Panesso
Cigars to Enjoy in Wintertime


Old Man Winter is on his way in, and if you're in the northern parts, he'll be staying a good long while. Why not sit back and roast a smoke with him?

Arturo Fuente Anejo

These are super hard to get a hold of - production runs are small and infrequent - but when they DO come out, they're a fine way to treat yourself before a long pain in the ass winter of shoveling, scraping, skidding, freezing, salting, and everything else that comes with the cold months. The glorious flavor in these comes in part from the 5-year-old Connecticut Maduro wrapper that gets aged in Cognac barrels before it's lovingly rolled around the interior tobaccos.

Oliva Serie O

The same Habano seed, grown in a variety of regions around Nicaragua (Esteli, Condega and the Jalapa Valley), gives this cigar an intriguing blend of spice. It's a perfect flavor to go with those tasty winter treats your wife, girlfriend, or mistress cooks up. What's that? You don't have one of those? Well damn, bud. Get goin'! That gingerbread man ain't gonna bake itself!

Rocky Patel Flor de San Andres

This is another smoke chosen for its flavor. A delicious blend of espresso and chocolate notes make this Rocky Patel cigar a great choice to pair with a hot drink enjoyed inside or out. Just don't get confused and dunk your smoke (anyone out there ever done something like that?)

Drew Estate Isla Del Sol

Okay, maybe you're not the winter type. This "Island of Sun" cigar will have you dreaming of white sand beaches and warm places in the tropics. Book that vacation now so you'll have something to get you through those cold days and nights! And don't forget: there's nothing to warm you up quite like a fine smoke and a drop or two of your favorite liquor.