Five Cigars to Smoke to Celebrate a Promotion

Category_Cigar Lifeby Juan Panesso
Two men shaking hands, celebrating a promotion


There's nothing quite like a promotion. After years of hard work, you're finally being acknowledged for your considerable contributions to the company.

To celebrate climbing the corporate ladder, you're going to need a quality smoke.

Here are a few choices that make sense.

Viaje - Fireworks

Boom! Ba-bang! Pop-pop-pop!
The sky's alight with celebration. Well done! This stick is a smoke firecracker of a smoke and with medium-full strength, Nicaraguan tobacco will have you seeing lights if you go at it too fast.

Espinosa - Alpha Dog

Did you become the big boss? Just a little boss? It doesn't matter. As long as there's one person beneath you, it's time to puff out your chest and start spurting orders. We are just kidding, but this cigar from Espinosa will still give you the patience you will definitely need to start herding cats.

Alec Bradley - Maxx

You give "maxx" effort and now it's time for maxx compensation. Pretty soon you'll have equity options and a sweet receptionist that will do all the hard work for you.

Life is looking up for you, so why not grab a pretty decent smoke and live life to the maxx.

Asylum - Straight Jacket

You see, work/life balance is a tricky thing. Work hard and you might make bank and score promotions. Work too hard and you might start seeing things from exhaustion.

This strong-ass chocolaty cigar will bring you back to reality like a strong cup of coffee. Take a break, man! That lil' bonus just ain't worth it.

CAO - Gold

This cigar looks clean and proper, but it packs some seriously interesting flavors. You'll find earthy herbal smells and hints of leather and spice. It's also one of those rare cigars that's both pretty and tasty. If you're someone who loves to savor flavors and explore complex smokes, this is a decent pickup.

Keep stacking up that gold, my friend.

Diamond Crown - Maximus

If you've recently become the emperor (or you're aiming to put a dagger in the emperor's throat in the near future), this is a quality cigar to smoke while pondering your plans.

This is a dark beauty with a 93 rating that is sure to please. Be ready for sweetness and that delicious espresso hit.

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