Cigars that Pay Homage to Great Tobacco Vintages

Like the grapes used to make fine wines, some tobacco vintages are superior to what is typically achieved using the same seed in the same fields. When this pleasant circumstance arrives, cigar makers sometimes use the crop to produce cigars designed to take advantage of the premium smokability it offers. This is in contrast to using it in a variety of blends in which it will lose its distinctiveness. Here are 3 cigars that use special vintages to produce great-tasting stogies that are highly rated. Macanudo Vintage 1997 Maduro 1997 produced one of the most coveted Connecticut shade leaf crops in the last 50 years. It is the featured binder in this succulent Maduro. When you think of Macs, smooth flavors on the mild-medium side come to mind. The Vintage 1997 takes the flavor up a notch. These tasty delights feature exquisite fillers from the DR, Nicaragua, and Brazil. If you enjoy Macanudo cigars but sometimes wish they had a bit more oomph, this cigar is what you’re looking for. Graycliff Professionale Vintage 1999 It is enough for many connoisseurs to know that Avelino Lara, the famed Cuban cigar maestro, blended these cigars that were introduced in 1999. The blend used wonderfully aged tobaccos from Nicaragua, Brazil, and Honduras. The deliciously fermented Indonesian Sumatra wrapper was a cut above the norm, and a fantastic cigar was born. These are constructed like a Cuban and deliver a base of leathery cedar with high notes of black pepper and rich espresso. The cigar continues to be replicated year after year with outstanding consistency. If you enjoy a full-flavored smoke with a medium body, these super-premium Graycliff Professionale Vintage 1999 sticks will satisfy. Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 In the early days, RP was a boutique brand. It’s grown beyond the boutique stage, but the lines it makes are still made in batches smaller than most. First introduced in 2002, the Vintage 1992 used a 10-year Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper of extraordinary quality. That same quality and flavor have been maintained through the years, so you’ll enjoy the cedar, espresso and roasted nuts goodness throughout this smoke.