Cigars for Graduation (from High School to Doctorates)

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Cigars for Graduation


Graduation is a perfect time to enjoy a good smoke. However, there are so many graduations in our learning journeys now that you can't stop at just one! This is why we've compiled a collection of high-quality picks for every educational milestone.

Kindergarten Graduation (See's Milk Chocolate Seegars)

We're all for enjoying cigars at all stages of life. Kindergarten is obviously too early. We came up with a solution—delicious chocolate candy cigars! Certainly, many would say that a chocolate cigar would be inappropriate. We say: you are the parent, you make the call.

High School Graduation (Arturo Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines)

Did you complete your English assignments? Hopefully, you at least caught some Hemingway. Well, this smoke is the perfect way to honor one of the world's most powerful, simple writers. Here's the deal - we know there's not much room for books anymore. However, if you're already sitting around for 30 minutes, download some Hemingway to your phone and check him out (How about Old Man and the Sea?). We promise it's not fancy BS. Hemingway is an all-around man's man. While reading, light up one of these!

College Graduation (Rocky Patel Hamlet Tabaquero)

As you raise your reading level, you need to increase your level of smoking, too. We are now going to discuss a cigar named after a Cuban cigar roller—not Shakespeare. Smoke this medium strength the day you graduate college, and everything starts to get real, just like Hamlet's final act. Loan repayments begin soon—got a job yet?

Masters or Professional Degree Graduation (Drew Estate Unico Feral Flying Pig)

They said you would get your Masters (or professional degree) when pigs fly. Well, here you are! This puts you one notch above the average person.
  Fire up this bold and spicy stick and reward yourself with a pat on the back. It appears people are going to expect you to at least know a few things by now.

Doctorate Graduation (Rocky Patel Decade)

Once upon a time, you decided to get your doctorate. Now, ten years later, you did it! You wrote a dissertation after spending countless nights hunched over a mountain of books. On this momentous day, it might seem like no cigar is worth smoking, but a 95-rated stick will do just fine.  

Congrats grads—good luck out there!

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