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So - the day has finally come. All your life, you wondered if you would ever get enough money together to reach the holy grail of employment: voluntary unemployment. And now that it's here, you've got to start finding ways to occupy yourself. Well, you can start with a choice selection of cigars that will help you celebrate your newfound uselessness. Enjoy some of the ones we've selected as the best cigars for retirement. There are a few ways retirement can go: Best-case scenario: Blissful recreation until the end of your days. Middle of the road: Still have to work part-time because your kids need assistance. Also, everything friggin hurts. Bad scenario: you save $2.7 million, retire at 65, start browsing properties in South Carolina, and choke on an unchewed piece of Osso Bucco at your celebration dinner. But let's assume you're going to be fine. There are our recommendations for the best cigars for retirement smokes.

Arturo Fuente Opus X Big Papo

These smokes are just so damn beautiful - and you've officially reached Big Daddy status - so it's time to indulge. These may not be in stock and you might have to find another set of sticks from the Opus X line, but if you can score a box of these, your retirement is going to be everything you dreamed it could be. This is a sampler, by the way, so you're sure to find a full variety of absolutely luxury smokes.

San Cristobal Ovation

The long days... the hard nights... the weeks, months, and years without a proper break... you've put on a hell of a performance and you've earned a round of applause. Luckily, there's a cigar for that. The San Cristobal Ovation is a dark and luscious smoke featuring an Andres Oscuro wrap, high-quality Nicaraguan tobacco, and everything you need to celebrate yourself, even if no one else will.

Romeo y Julieta Anejo

"Anejo" = "old" or "aged," just like you. The years have rolled by. Somehow, you've gone from a little kiddo in short pants dripping a melting Rocket Pop on yourself to a grizzled old veteran of the economy. You've seen booms and busts. You've felt the fear of impending layoffs. You've felt the triumphs of promotion. You've been there, done that, and come back around again a time or two. And somehow, you survived it all to be here today to clip a nice little cigar and roast it up. Not bad, friend. Not bad at all.

Tatuaje La Riqueza

"Riqueza" means "wealth." Hopefully, you've got some? Either that or you're frugal and you're going to make things work by not spending a ton. Whichever you choose, you can enjoy this cigar because your real wealth is inexperience. You've got a lifetime under your belt. Now, if only people would friggin' listen! La Riqueza features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and lots of flavorful notes. It's a nice medium smoke that won't break the bank. Be careful with those dollars, but don't save too much - now's your time to enjoy a bit, too!

Black Crown Sons of Anarchy

Not every retirement features porches and lemonade. Not every retirement is golf courses and daily medication. Some retirements are different. Some retirements happen on the back of a loud-as-hell-hog tearing down the freeway. If that sounds like a good deal, here's a smoke for you. Whatever retirement brings, do it your way. And of course, have the right smoke to make your last rides all the more enjoyable by having a few of the best cigars for retirement. Congrats to our retirees - send us pics from your glorious vacations and travels, or just from your backyard kiddie pool. We just wanna see hard-working people enjoying themselves!