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Cigar Spotlight: Oliva Serie V
The Serie V is one of Oliva’s top brands with the core cigars and several extensions including the Maduro Especial and the impressive Serie V Melanio in natural and Maduro options. This is considered Oliva’s strongest cigar; some suggest the “V” stands for “very” as in “very strong.” It’s one of the family’s top-rated smokes too, garnering high praise in professional cigar reviews and Oliva Serie V reviews written by everyday stogie enthusiasts. A huge part of this line’s success is the consistency of the cigars in it. Serie V stogies are beautifully constructed, smoke-like winners and deliver dynamic, often complex flavor profiles. Oliva Serie V Tobacco Blend and Flavor The standard Serie V is a Nicaragua puro. The long-leaf filler is gathered from, according to Oliva, “specially fermented Jalapa Valley Ligero.” The Jalapa Valley is known for its rich, flavorful tobacco. Ligero leaves are among the highest primings, or rows of leaves, of the plant, and therefore, they are the most potent and full-bodied. You can see where the “very strong” comes from. The wrapper is also sun-grown to produce richer taste. The Maduro is finished with a Sun Grown Connecticut Broadleaf that’s been fermented for a sweeter flavor. The Oliva’s Maduro wrapper has long been one of the highest-rated in the cigar industry. In terms of flavor, expect a lot of it. The Serie V is noted for nuttiness that is variously described as almond, walnut or peanut. In addition, you’ll note cocoa, hickory, cedar, roasted coffee, pepper, and dried orange peel. We didn’t know a lot of people eat dried orange peel, but I guess a few members of the CA panel do just that! The Serie V Melanio is all Nicaraguan tobacco except for the wrapper that is cultivated in the cloud-covered fields of Ecuador. It is milder than standard Serie V wrappers. The result is a profile that is slightly mellower in character with notes of nougat, caramel, and espresso on top of a creamy leather base. Oliva Serie V Ratings This is a widely enjoyed cigar. The Serie V and Serie V Maduro ratings are typically between 87 and 91 with several expert ratings in the 93/94 range. This makes it one of Oliva’s top-rated smokes as well as one of its strongest blends. The Serie V puro has ranked as high as number four on CA’s annual list of Top 25 cigars. The Serie V Melanio is a relatively new cigar, so there aren’t as many ratings. The marks range from the upper 80s to the low 90s, with CA’s top rating being 92. If you like your powerful stogies with a slightly mellower profile, the Melanio is a good choice. Oliva Serie V Cigars at Cigars Direct Our selection of the Serie V cigars in all of their lines is excellent. There’s something for everyone in the standard Serie V lineup of eight from the slim 7x38 Lancero to the stout 4x60 Nub to the beefy 6x60 Double Toro and 6x60 Figurado. Here’s what’s in stock now. The Serie V Melanio is offered by Oliva in these sizes: You can browse our current stock as you decide which Vitola you’d like to have in your humidor. These are reasonably priced cigars, typically in the $8 to $11 range depending on the size and quantity you purchase. The Serie V Melanio cigars are slightly more expensive. Order today with confidence, because cigar quality is always guaranteed from Cigars Direct.