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Cigar Spotlight: La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero
When veteran cigar smokers want a smoke that is both powerful and complex, they select a stick like the Double Ligero from LFD. As you likely know, the term “Ligero” refers to layers of tobacco leaves near or at the top of the plant. They receive the most sunlight. As a result, they draw more nutrients from the soil. This gives Ligero tobacco a stronger, more flavorful body than leaves from lower down on the plant. LFD cigars are the creation of Litto Gomez and his wife Ines. The La Flor Dominicana factory was built in 1996 in Santiago, the Dominican Republic. Farms are owned in nearby La Canela. In the years since its founding, LFD has become known as one of the true premium cigar manufacturers in the industry. The chisel design of these cigars is quite unique. The foot is flared. The head of the cigar is pressed to form a chisel shape. If you like a slightly firm draw and lots of flavor coming through it, you’ll enjoy the way these stogies smoke. LFD Double Ligero Tobacco Blend and Flavors The long-leaf filler of these potent sticks contains twice the amount of Ligero tobacco used in most blends if it is used at all. That increases both the body (flavor) and strength. The filler is cultivated on the LFD farm in La Canela. The binder is also Dominican. For the wrapper, Litto Gomez selected Ecuadorian leaves grown from Sumatra seed. The tobacco is grown in full sun to increase the richness and flavor. An oily Maduro is available in most sizes. The Maduro wrapper is fermented to a beautiful dark hue that is oily too. La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero smokes are bold and spicy by design. There is plenty of leather augmented by coffee bean, honeyed oak, dark cherry, licorice, and roasted nuts. Keep in mind that these are potent cigars. They contain enough nicotine to bring on a tingle, so be prepared. LFD Double Ligero Cigar Ratings As you read La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero reviews, you’ll be impressed with the consistently high marks given by “professional” reviewers and guys with stogie blogs. The scores average in the low 90s. That’s an average. CA LFD Double Ligero ratings in a 94 for the Chisel Gorda, 92 for the Chisel and Chisel Maduro, 91 for the DL-700 and 90s for several other vitolas. LFD Double Ligero Cigar at Cigars Direct We keep these highly-rated cigars in stock in most sizes most of the time. Here is our current selection. At the time of this writing, we have:
  • 5.5x48 Chisel Gorda
When you’re in search of big flavor and plenty of punch, the LFD Double Ligero should deliver what you are looking for. Stock up on these feisty LFD smokes with confidence because we guarantee quality in every cigar we ship.