Buy Cigars Online This Memorial Day

by Juan Panesso
Unwrapping these cigars is like setting off a firecracker—it’s celebration-worthy


Tobacco aficionados around the country reach for their favorite cigars when a special occasion rolls around, and Memorial Day weekend is no exception. But, with so many great tobacco products to choose from, how do you choose the best cigars for the job? Consider one of our top five premium cigar picks when you buy cigars online in anticipation of Memorial Day weekend.

1. Black Bomb Firecracker Petit Robusto (United Cigars)

Uncle Sam wants YOU to enjoy one of these firecrackers this Memorial Day weekend. From its patriotic packaging to a brand as United as the 50 states, we can’t think of a better match for honoring those who’ve lost their lives serving the country. The Black Bomb Firecracker features strong, peppery flavors and is perfect for occasions just like this.

2. Zola (Foundation Cigar Co. The Upsetters)

With a botanical blend of Nicaraguan tobacco, chocolate, and berries, we’d be hard-pressed to pick a better blend for summer. These stogies come with a sad story, though. Named after the late daughter of Nick Melillo, Foundation’s owner, this stogie beautifully honors her memory. When you puff on this stick this Memorial Day, take a moment to raise your glass to Zola! Its herbal infusion takes you straight to the Caribbean with a heartfelt nod to Melillo’s loss.

3. Ambrosia Clove Tiki (Drew Estate)

Take things tropical with a Tiki this Memorial Day.

Since Memorial Day is so often seen as the unofficial start of summer, what could be a better match for a weekend celebration than a luau-ready smoke? Light up your own little tiki torch and toast to a season full of fun with this Drew Estate favorite. Its fresh clove flavor is just right for saying goodbye to the heat and ringing in fall. You’ll surf from one season to the next on a wave of this smooth smoke experience when you buy cigars online.

4. Firecracker Short Robusto (Foundation Cigar Co. Wiseman Maduro)

Firecracker stogies are a great alternative to your standard fireworks show, and who turns down a second show? This fan favorite features notes of cocoa and vanilla with a base of high-quality Nicaraguan tobacco. This is the perfect cigar for having fun this Memorial Day weekend! Crack open a cold one and get ready to see fireworks when you take your first puff.

5. Flying Pig (Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured)

Still looking for the ideal Memorial Day weekend smoking experience? Drew Estate’s Kentucky Fire Cured Flying Pig is the perfect addition to a Memorial Day cookout or barbecue. This must-have stick has a Kentucky fire-cured wrapper with USA binder and filler. It makes for an intriguing blend, with hints of hickory or bacon. What could pair better with a burger fresh off the grill?

If you’re looking to buy cigars online in honor of Memorial Day weekend this year, try one of these top picks for a great experience that’s practically guaranteed. Or, browse our other selections to find the right fit—we stand behind all the premium cigars in stock and know you’ll enjoy any one of them.