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Foundation The Upsetters Zola


Count: 1 Cigar
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This one is a heavily sad cigar that also has an uplifting note to it. Nick Melillo, owner of Foundation cigars, always liked the word, Zola. He learned it from the Sans People, hunters and gatherers living in Southern Africa. For them, the word means staying in the peace. It´s a strange way to word the idea. We might even translate it to mean staying peaceful, but staying IN the peace invokes a different idea, doesn't it? Melillo connected with the concept, and wound up naming his daughter Zola. She has since passed, unfortunately, but we are left with a Zola cigar to preserve her memory.

The Foundation Upsetters Zola cigar features a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, but inside, things get a lot more interesting. Like the other cigars in this line, this is a Caribbean atmospheric herbal infusion, which features Nicaraguan filler and Jamaican cow tongue tobacco.

We´re not exactly sure how Foundation flavors these cigars, but we do know that owner Nick Melillo learned a lot of cigar making methods in his time at Drew Estate. There, he may have picked up the secret techniques used to create ACID cigars, which are infused in flavoring chambers that may contain essential oils, herbs, and botanicals. In any event, this cigar tastes of rich Nicaraguan tobacco, but also chocolate and summer berries. It´s a fascinating mix and definitely a cigar for people who are a little tired with the status quo in their humidors.

When tragedy hits, there are reminders everywhere to find your way back to peace. You can never have too many, really.

The Upsetters Zola is another.

Here´s to you, Zola.

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