Buy Cigars Online for a Moment of Peace

by Ralph Smith
Sometimes you order cigars online for a social occasion. But sometimes they’re just for you!


Buying cigars online offers a number of experiences.

Often, premium cigars and their best accessories are a fully social enjoyment, just like alcohol. A group will bust them out when golfing, celebrating a milestone party, or just gathering on a back patio for some kicking back and laughing together. Each person may be bringing their own, or someone with a box will open the lid and hold them out so everyone can partake. Everyone toasts up their sticks, and those beautiful puffs and clouds lift into the air. Good drinks are almost guaranteed to be on the menu as well. It’s going to be a good time. Pass the lighter, pass the bottle—we’re letting loose.

But it’s not always that way. Sometimes, the best cigars are a solo pleasure—again, just like a nice whiskey on the rocks after a day or week of work. And for many people, the reason is practical. Smoking in many houses is banned, which many cigar lovers are totally on board with! Spouses, family members, and kids don’t want to be in a foggy cloud. So aficionados head outside to the porch, the patio, or a nice Adirondack chair on the grass. It might seem to outsiders that they’re being banished, but those who have been enjoying tobacco for a while may come to see things a bit differently.

We’re kind of pushing the world away.

When you buy cigars online, you buy a moment to reflect.

Some of the best cigars are enjoyed solo.

While ordering cigars online can certainly be a great accompaniment to raising some hell, they also work really nicely as a relaxing escape. Many fans report that this tobacco product is a go-to way to unwind and kick back in solitude. They offer a chance to just be alone with your thoughts in peace, with only the sounds of nature or the neighborhood in the background. You might put on some music or a game to watch, but the effect is a lot like meditation.

Almost always, this is a mandatory slow-down activity.

Huffing fast is certainly how some folks approach it, but the majority are drawing, tasting, and exhaling (or retrohaling through the nose). Then comes a pause. Smoke swirls away, and the combustion is preserved for a minute or so. There’s time before the next draw comes up. Time to think, reflect, and work through problems, or let them float away into the air.

Many times, there’s just no desire for company in this moment.

This is our time. Just like disappearing into the bathroom for what others often consider a disturbing amount of time, a cigar is an island of calm in a stressed-out and anxious world. It’s time we take back for ourselves, and it’s often really nice to enjoy it in solitude. The busyness of other people, bright screens, anger-inducing news from the TV or internet … it’s all put on hold. It can wait. Everything can wait. This is our time.

And it’s a good chunk of time! Meditating for 10 minutes can be a challenge for some, but an hour or more with a great stogie is something most of us can do standing on our heads (or better yet, sitting on our asses).

So with this in mind, it’s not always that we’re being kicked out of anywhere when we get cigars online for our day-to-day lives. We’re kicking the sometimes annoying world away from ourselves, too.