The Top Ten Best Selling Cigar Brands

by Juan Panesso
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We love our boutique cigar brands. Those companies are constantly innovating and bringing us fresh blends and exciting ideas. However, the best selling cigar brands are at the top for a reason. Year after year, they deliver some of the finest smokes on earth. They’ve built reputations for quality that are almost unshakeable at this point. Whenever you pick one up, you know you’re in for a fantastic puff.

If you’re overwhelmed and in need of a recommendation for a brand to try, any of the cigar makers on this list is a certified master of the art of tobacco. Many of these companies have been at it for generations, with journeys that span multiple countries and a wealth of cigar knowledge that helps them create excellent blends that regularly top the charts.

If you are wanting cigars that are guaranteed to deliver, check out this list!

Arturo Fuente

For the company known to most simply as “Fuente,” the reasons for being one of the best selling cigar brands are pretty obvious—multiple Cigar-of-the-Year wins, a cult classic cigar in the OpusX that always commands insane demand, and a legacy of rich Dominican leaf that spans the decades and is set to travel far into the future. 

If you want to give Fuente a try, the OpusX is still crushing reviews, getting a 97 rating in 2021 from Cigar Aficionado. They described it as having a “strong and polished smoke of baking spices, caramel, boozy cherry cordial, and a hearty rum barrel finish.” We are 100% in on that, but don’t forget the Hemingway Short Story. With an exotic genuine Cameroon wrapper, it’s the cigar that will turn your session upside down in the best possible way.


Like Fuente, Padrón has been living at the top of the Cigar-of-the-Year lists for as long as they’ve been kept. You light up a 1926 or 1964, and you’re going to get a fantastically smooth and chocolatey smoke. Having this cigar in your hand guarantees that it will be an exceptionally wonderful experience, which isn't something you can always say about cigars. That’s why Padrón is one of the most popular cigar companies ever.

While other companies out there may give you a second to pause and wonder if the cigar is really going to live up to the hype, Padrón has never hurt us. They deliver with a perfect record that has set the standard for what every top level cigar company aspires to be – delicious.


Perdomo is one of the best selling cigar brands that “flies under the radar” a bit nowadays. But there’s no mistake here: millions of Perdomo cigars get smoked each year, and they’re quite good. Known for its aged tobacco and bourbon barrel finishing, the company's 10th Anniversary Champagne cigar has earned its place on Mount Rushmore of cigars. People swear by it and there’s plenty of diehard fans who want nothing else.

For them, cigar = Perdomo, and they’re happy to keep it that way for life.

Romeo y Julieta

As a former Cuban heritage brand, it’s no surprise to find Romeo y Julieta among the most popular cigar companies. Your dad, grandad, and maybe more have all probably toasted a RyJ cigar, and it is one of the most classic brands in existence. 

Today, the Dominican branch of the company creates traditional blends but also creates cigars with a more modern profile to attract the next generation of fans. We wouldn’t be surprised if Romeo outlasted many of the hotter companies currently giving it a run for its money. Grab a Churchill and enjoy the same cigar brand that countless famous smokers would look forward to at the end of a long day running the world.

Rocky Patel

Rakesh Patel made his company into one of the best selling cigar brands with tireless effort and a great palate for quality. Putting out blend after blend, he consistently found stogies that would delight his fans, and then moved on to find the next one. There’s tasty maduros, the satisfying Vintage series, and high-scoring blends like the Decade that make Rocky Patel a very well-rounded company.

Stick with Rocky, and you’re guaranteed to go on a journey through all the many varied flavors of the entire cigar world. Never boring, always a solid smoke—it’s fun being a Rocky Patel fan!

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Quality, thy name is Davidoff. 

Old Zino was a rare cigar man in Cuba, hailing from Switzerland. He rose high, eventually becoming a central player in the cigar business at the heart of the most important cigar nation in the world, at the time. Thereafter, his business ultimately relocated to the Dominican Republic, but today it stands for excellence in quality and construction. 

Even for a beginner, Davidoff is a fine place to start. There are so many mild-yet-flavorful blends to choose from. But be warned, when you start with one of the most popular cigar companies like Davidoff, it can be hard to move on to anything else.

My Father

These flavors are impossible not to love. My Father cigars are created by one of the most respected master blenders on Earth—José “Don Pepin” Garcia. My Father became one of the best selling cigar brands, thanks to a smoking experience that is almost unmatched. Like Padrón, once you light up your first My Father, you’ll be blown away. For us, the thought was, “Wow, so THIS is what cigars are supposed to taste like.”

So far, Don Pepin has two Cigar of the Year wins, but for many people, the CotY is always a My Father, no matter what anybody says.


With one of the world’s most high quality libraries of Nicaraguan tobacco, Oliva makes blends that absolutely grab hold of the cigar world and just won’t let go. The Serie V Melanio is a smoke that you can reach for on your worst day and still appreciate. If you love Nicaraguan tobacco, Oliva gives it to you in an incredibly satisfying cigar form that can’t be ignored.

A few things are certain in life: death, taxes, and Oliva being one of the most popular cigar companies in the world.


Here in the U.S., we’ve been puffing Macanudos for generations. And while many have forgotten it, we’ll never lost sight of the fact that this is the company that pretty much invented the Connecticut mild. Few companies were doing anything like that, but the Cullmans and Cuban-born Ramon Cifuentes brought the world into a whole new era with the coffee and cedar profile of their genuine Connecticut shade cigars. For many years, this was the best selling cigar brand in the nation. 

To this day, there’s people who still want Macanudo or nothing, and we can’t really blame them. It’s a perfect morning smoke no matter what year you’re smoking in.


Like Davidoff, Ashton has a reputation for outstanding quality Dominican blends. The aged long-filler used on their signature blends can go head to head with any tobacco on the market and win. While in past years, it was all about CT shade leaf, the company has branched out and shown great versatility. If you want a cigar that you KNOW is going to be a nearly perfect stick, you really can’t go wrong with Ashton. 

So that’s it for our list of the most popular cigar companies in America. If you’re ever in search of a new cigar to smoke, throw a dart at any of these companies’ product lists and you’ll hit something great. 

They’re on top for a reason!

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