7 Cigars for Easter Sunday

by Juan Panesso
Easter basket filled with cigars.


Easter Sunday… the kids are out in the yard racing after eggs (and nearly killing each other to get them), just as the Lord intended. The ladies of the family will probably be chasing after the kids, telling them not to get their precious pastel outfits grass-stained before pictures are taken for social media.

And in the meantime, you light up. 

Any time in the yard is an excuse for a cigar, right? Well, it is around our houses. Here are a few nice cigar selections for your next fine Easter Sunday morning spent enjoying God’s green earth.

7 Easter Sunday Cigars

Padron – Family Reserve

It’s family time, so why not? This thing is strong and delicious, featuring ten-year-aged tobacco that will challenge your palette (even over whatever coffee you might be sipping on along with it). It’s highly rated for a reason, and if you want to celebrate the bounty of the Risen Lord, why not do it by smoking a cigar that brings half the spice rack along with it? 

Ashton – Heritage Puro Sol

Puro sol = pure sun. This offering from Ashton was meant to be enjoyed on a sunny day. After all, soaking up the sun is what this tobacco did for most of its lovely life. This rich cigar is one of the best the company has to offer, providing a very nicely balanced smoke. It’s not a bad cigar to enjoy with a chocolate bunny, actually. Cheap bunnies, expensive bunnies, whatever you can pilfer from the kid’s baskets before they wake up will do just fine.

Oliva – Serie V Nub

Not everyone has a lot of time outside. Some people have to get to church, others have to get to relatives’ places, and a few folks will be busy hiding inside from all the screeching children. For you, we’ve got a shorty that you can smoke quickly and get back to whatever is pulling you away from the joyous contemplation that the Lord clearly intended for you to revel in on a fine Sunday morning.

Take a gander at this cigar and tell us it doesn’t just beg to be smoked. This one’s a looker for sure.

Close up of a bearded man lighting a cigar with a lighter.

My Father Cigars – El Centurion

Centurions were officers in the Roman army who typically had command of a hundred legionaries. You, on the other hand, have command of roughly a hundred jellybeans – and they aren’t sitting too good. Calm your insides with a superb Nicaraguan cigar from none other than “Pepin” Garcia. Potent woodsy notes will take your attention away from whatever ill-gotten candies you managed to wolf down and turn your focus to the delicious smoke. Go slowly and then seek refuge elsewhere before the smell of sulfurous hard-boiled eggs finds you.

Rocky Patel – Dark Dominican

For those who don’t want to be all sunny and mild, we’ve got a dark one for the list. It’s a medium-strength cigar, but gives the flavor you’d expect from a Dominican puro: leather, cedar, and a little lingering sweetness at the end. 

We’d pair this one with Cadbury caramel eggs.

Gran Habano – Habano No. 3

We picked this one because, like God and Christ, it’s all about a father-son duo (we’ll leave the full trinity aside for a moment). In this case, we’re talking about Guillermo and George Rico, who have been in the business since at least Guillermo’s grandfather’s time. He was a tobacco grower in Cuba in the early 20th Century, while grandma did the rolling at home (we know what you’re thinking—why can’t my wife be that into cigars?). 

Anyway, to bring things back to Easter, this smoke features a trinity of tobaccos: Nicaraguan, Costa Rican, and Mexican. If you want a gorgeous blend, give this medium-strength cigar a light and puff away.

Montecristo - Any

La Isola di Montecristo is a tiny island between (1) the much larger French island of Corsica and (2) the western coast of Italy. None of us would be talking about it if it weren’t for Dumas’s famous book, the Count of Monte Cristo. The name, of course, translates to “Christ’s Mountain” in English, and Google Maps shows that there’s a monastery there and little else. 

All of this is a long way to say, if you’re a Christian, this may be your only way to bring together Christ and cigars. 

Our Googling also turned up a rather surprising amount of discussion online about whether it’s a sin to smoke cigars. Since we’re unrepentant sinners over here, we’ll leave that debate to the theologians. But before we go, we’ll leave you with a link to the most Christian cigar we could find on our shelves.

Hey, we tried.

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