This just might be the “perfect” cigar

The "perfect" smoke, and just not for the elite...

The folks at Drew Estate Cigars have been on an endless search for the perfect smoke.

Their pursuit of perfection resulted in an underground 'secret' stash of blends that were perfect in flavor and aroma, but because of tobacco limitations, they couldn't develop them into their own line. So, what did they do? Those lucky bastards selfishly made them for themselves.

But they were too good not to share...

So they created a "private collection of the unique ones"...thus, the Liga Privada Unico Series was born.

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You shouldn't have to be an insider to enjoy these extra special, and exceptionally delicious smokes. But you do have to seize the opportunity when it arises, to get your hands on these extremely limited "unique" ones.

This just might be the “perfect” cigar