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In the cigar business, big companies with longstanding traditions that go back multiple generations often eclipse the smaller companies. But in more recent decades, the rise of boutique cigar brands has changed the game significantly.

Now, a cigar man (or woman) with great taste and a few connections can take a trip to Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, or any other tobacco-growing region and spend some time at the blending table. If they can put together a quality smoke, they just might release their own run of small-batch cigars for sale at a few limited locations (like a cigar shop that they work at or own, or at a cigar convention or other event).

If people enjoy the smoke, it just might be labeled one of the best boutique cigars of the year. And from there, the newly born boutique cigar brand is off and to the races.

The stories of many brands follow along similar lines. Boutique cigar brands like Warped, RoMa Craft, Crowned Heads, Foundation, Tatuaje, and Illusione all had to start somewhere. A few of these, you may notice, have grown beyond the original boutique cigar company label – the best boutique cigar brands often do. Eventually, they become midsized companies that have carved out space on cigar shop shelves for themselves, along with all the expectations that come along with it.

In this section of our best boutique cigars, you’ll find high-quality cigars, but you should also expect a bit of novelty and experimentation. Often, while established companies have locked down a particular type of blend, the only room left for small batch cigars is to try something different. Occasionally, products like these will catch fire and take off, becoming a hot or trendy blend that everyone’s clamoring to get their hands on.

You will also find boutique cigar brands that skip experimentation, focusing on simple, reliable blends that use high-quality tobacco from a crop that was particularly fine. These have their place, too. Cigar companies have certainly been launched on the back of a good Connecticut or Maduro blend, without having to resort to any gimmicks at all.

Whatever the blending style and approach to cigars are, here’s where you’ll find the up-and-coming cigar companies of tomorrow.

Please browse our selection of boutique cigar brands at your leisure.

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