A Killer Deal [COTW Anejo #77 Shark On SALE now!]

You can thank Michael Phelps for this one...

I was watching quality television at its finest the other day. You might've seen it. The show was based on the question, could the fasted human swimmer (Michael Phelps) outswim a Great White?

During the show, I realized it's been awhile since we've run a special on one of our more popular cigars, Arturo Fuente's Anejo #77, "The Shark."

You can thank the Discovery Channel and Michael Phelps for jogging my memory on this one. It's my pick for the Cigar of the Week!

Arturo Fuente
Anejo #77 "The Shark"

Our customers have a lot to say about "The Shark."

Surprisingly I must say for my first shark ever I was moved to take a bow to the aromatic stick of pure satisfaction. I basked in its heavenly aromas, my palate came alive all of my senses were captivated with every puff... Bravo!!! - Review by CountryBoysWagg
The A. Fuente Anejo No. 77 Shark is absolutely amazing! One of the top 3 cigars I've ever had in over 10 years of cigar smoking. Perfect draw, burn and a full flavor that never disappoints. Great character, with rich full flavor. Sublimely sweet with a good balance of spice. Smooth and satisfying. A rare find and highly recommended.  Review by A. Keay

Probably the finest cigar on the market. Put it head to head with the best Cuba has to offer and this guy wins by TKO. Rich, powerful, balanced, eloquent smoke. You don't know greatness until you've had one. Review by The Wizard

Those are pretty high marks.  Take a bite out of this deal today!


SPOILER ALERT: Phelps couldn't outswim the Great White, but you can swim away with a killer deal on this sale!