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When time is on your side...

Tempus is Latin for "time."

And that's exactly what makes this cigar a masterpiece. And time is what Alan Rubin took when he fashioned this award-winner. 

Finding the perfect blend, with the perfect Honduran wrapper doesn't happen overnight.

In fact, the finished product even surprised him with how the wrapper elevated the entire smoking experience.

The way a beer connoisseur appreciates a hearty stout. A cigar connoisseur will appreciate the delicious flavors and nuances of this smoke.

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Alec Bradley
Tempus Natural
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Earning the #5 spot in 2017's Cigar of the Year list, and an impressive 94 rating. This is about as sure of a smoke as you can get.

"Dark and attractive with an effortless draw, this cigar produces a rich, semisweet smoke, leaving balanced impressions of wood and nuts. Big, delicious flavor."

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

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