Rocky Patel Vintage Sampler of 6

Rocky Patel Vintage Sampler of 6 Rocky Patel Vintage Sampler of 6
Rocky Patel Vintage Sampler of 6 Cigars Rocky Patel Vintage Sampler of 6 Cigars

The Rocky Patel Vintage Sampler of 6 brings together three top-of-the-line sticks from Rocky’s famed Vintage line. Each of these premium cigars is a real treat, and as luck would have it, with this sampler, you’re getting two of each, so you know when to restock long before running out.

Okay, let’s get after it and see what’s cooking here.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

From the decade that brought you everything from Nirvana to Pokémon to Pulp Fiction, we give you the Vintage 1990. This 92-rated stogie packs a blend of top-notch eight-year-old Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero fillers. Holding these together is a Honduran Maduro wrapper aged for an impressive 12 years. During the aging process, this leaf loses some of its strength while increasing in complexity. The final result is a well-balanced medium-bodied smoke that tilts a bit to the milder side. Flavors of espresso, caramel, cedar, and earth are all present within.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999

The 91-rated Vintage 1999 is calling from within the Rocky Patel Vintage Sampler of 6. With this smoke, you’re grabbing ahold of something loaded with character that is both mild and complex. A seven-year-old Connecticut wrapper covers a special blend of eight-year-old Nicaraguan and Dominican long-leaf Ligeros. After you get the thing burning, creamy smoke hangs on the palate with toasted wood, earth, and hints of spice toward the finale. Grab your favorite coffee and mug and greet the day with this mild number.

Rocky Patel Vintage 2003

The 92-rated Vintage 2003 completes the Rocky Patel Vintage Sampler of 6. Rocky owes a lot to his Vintage line. Many people say it’s the reason we know the name Patel today. True or not, the Vintage line delights to this day, and we couldn’t be bigger supporters.

The 2003 contribution is draped in a dark, oily Cameroon wrapper aged for eight years. Beneath that, we have a hearty blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers also aged for eight years. True to the vintage line, 2003 has some kick to it while remaining well-balanced and smooth. Wood, caramel, and pepper flavors are all present.

Altogether, this sampler is a fantastic smoking tour of some of Rocky’s greatest Vintage hits, as well as various releases that mark eras in time. Not only do these smokes deal with time, but they have also survived the test of time and appear to be here to stay.

Please enjoy the Rocky Patel Vintage Sampler of 6 at your leisure.

2 Vintage 1990 Robusto
2 Vintage 1999 Connecticut Robusto
2 Vintage 20003 Cameroon Robusto.

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Rocky Patel Vintage Sampler of 6

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