Rocky Patel Edge 4 Cigar Sampler

Rocky Patel Edge 4 Cigar Sampler Rocky Patel Edge 4 Cigar Sampler

The Rocky Patel Edge 4 Cigar Sampler highlights four cigars—all full-bodied, all wearing a different wrapper shade. The Edge line features cigars with ratings as high as 94. Like most of Rocky’s samplers, this one gives you the chance to taste some of his top-rated sticks at a price that won’t completely drain your walking-around money. Oh, and they throw in a free smoke, so now you’re getting four highly rated cigars for the price of three.

This quality assortment contains one of each of the following cigars.

Rocky Patel Edge Corojo

With the 90-rated Edge Corojo toro, we're entering "experienced smokers-only territory," seeing as this is one of the stronger cigars available today. Strong but orderly due to its well-balanced, smooth nature. We're not surprised, though. This is the type of thing Rocky's cigars pull off time and time again, and it gives the Rocky Patel Edge 4 Cigar Sampler some good potency.

The Edge Corojo isn't the kind of cigar that instantly slaps you over the palate with all its strength. Instead, it comes on steadily with flavors presenting themselves in what seems to be perfect timing. How do they do that anyway?

Aged Honduran and Nicaraguan Ligero fillers make up the cigar's core. A Cuban-seed, Honduran-grown Corojo wrapper covers everything up, and you've got pepper, roasted nuts, coffee, and spice.

Get to know this robust yet balanced blend as soon as possible. It may just be the one you need.

Rocky Patel Edge Habano

Next up in the Rocky Patel Edge 4 Cigar Sampler is the spicy Edge Habano. The Habano was a highly anticipated addition to the Edge brand. It's the first Nicaraguan puro in the line. At its core, we find long-filler tobaccos from Jalapa, Estelí, and Condega—three highly celebrated Nicaraguan growing regions. For this ride, Rocky made sure to bring the flavor.

The stick is draped in an aged and fermented oily Nicaraguan Habano seed wrapper. The smoke is smooth and full-bodied with cedar and spice flavors. While the rest of the Edge line is rolled in Honduras, this spicy number is a son of Nicaragua through and through. If you want to get close to the edge without going over, start up an Edge Habano and enjoy the ride.

Get one of these cigars into your humidor as soon as possible. Just remember to tuck it away, or your smoking friends may revolt over who saw it first. (But you know the answer—it was you. You saw it first. This one is yours and yours alone. But still, hide it. Look, we're not saying your friends are untrustworthy. We're saying it's hard to know who you can trust with an unsmoked Edge Habano making eyes at everyone.)

Rocky Patel Edge Maduro

Moving right along in the Rocky Patel Edge 4 Cigar Sampler, we have the 92-rated Edge Maduro. This livewire has patiently aged five years just for you. It's the result of a collaboration between Rocky Patel and Nestor Plasencia. Plasencia is Central America's largest tobacco grower, famed for his signature premium blends. It's said that people keep coming back to the Edge Maduro for its supreme consistency.

Honduran and Nicaraguan long-fillers age for no less than five years before they're packed into a spicy Nicaraguan binder. Covering the binder is an oily, black Costa Rican wrapper. The result is a full-bodied yet extraordinarily smooth smoke. With a near-flawless construction and slow, smooth burn, this stogie reveals dark spices, leather, chocolate, and wood all the way down.

Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra

To close out this edgy sampler, we have the 91-rated Edge Sumatra. An oil-ridden exotic Sumatra wrapper grown in Ecuador sits atop a robust Nicaraguan binder. This binder holds top-shelf Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers snug. Like the rest of the edge line, here we have a full-bodied smoke that doesn’t overpower. If you like Rocky cigars and complexity, give this one a run. Notes of wood, butter, spice, and ground pepper await.

This concludes our smoking on the edge tour. We hope to see you with one of these savory sticks soon.

Please enjoy the Rocky Patel Edge 4 Cigar Sampler at your leisure.

1 - Edge Toro Corojo
1 - Edge Toro Habano
1 - Edge Toro Maduro
1 - Edge Toro Sumatra.

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Rocky Patel Edge 4 Cigar Sampler

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