Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Suprema L.E.

Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Suprema L.E. Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Suprema L.E.
Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Suprema L.E. 5 Pack Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Suprema L.E. 5 Pack
Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Suprema L.E. Single Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Suprema L.E. Single
Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Suprema Band Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Suprema Band

This Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Suprema Limited Edition cigar is made in Nicaragua. Outside, you'll find an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. Inside, the binder is Sumatra, and the filler is Nicaraguan Criollo and Corojo. This is a Perfecto cigar with a length of 6.00 and a ring gauge of 54.

The road to the Undercrown Shade SUPREMA is long and twisted. Drew Estate first made a name for itself for its floral and aromatic line of ACID infused cigars. Then, they changed the game for traditional cigars when they discovered Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco and released the Liga Privada No. 9 in 2009: a full-bodied, earthy and spicy Maduro cigar. Connecticut Broadleaf was so rare and expensive that the folks at Drew Estate couldn't meet the demand for Liga Privada for consumers, let alone for the factory workers who were told they couldn't light up Ligas anymore.

So master blender Willy Herrera tasked the rollers with the challenge of creating an alternate version of the Liga that they could indulge in at work. The result was the Undercrown Maduro, which swapped in a dark and oily San Andres Maduro wrapper for the Connecticut Broadleaf for a milder and cheaper smoke. But the rollers did a better job than Willy had expected and the Undercrown received a solid 91-rating from Cigar Aficionado in 2017 for its creamy, leathery, coffee profile. It proved just as popular with smokers and Drew Estate decided to spin out Undercrown into a full line of cigars.

The first variation on the dark Undercrown Maduro was the Connecticut shade-wrapped Undercrown Shade. It was a venture into new territory for Drew Estate: they had created well-acclaimed Connecticut shade flavored cigars in the ACID Blondie but when it came to unflavored cigars they were known for full-bodied, heavy-hitting blends. The Undercrown Shade passed up on the traditional earthy, spicy leather and coffee of Liga and Undercrown Maduro and instead offered a supremely smooth and creamy profile of lemon peel, light cedar, honey, and toasted tobacco.

Overall, the Undercrown Shade was considered a success when it first came out. Fans and reviewers alike praised its classic creamy profile and appreciated its use of more potent Nicaraguan long-fillers than are usually found in Connecticut Shade cigars. But the consistent favorite in the line was the distinctive Flying Pig: a fat four-inch, 60-gauge figurado which sharply tapered at the foot and cap. The tapered ends concentrate the flavors to create an even more unusual and superlative Connecticut shade experience than the more standard vitolas.

On the fourth anniversary of the Undercrown Shade line, Drew Estate released a limited-edition variation that improves on what made the original so popular and the Flying Pig version in particular so highly regarded. The Drew Estate Undercrown Shade SUPREMA is a 6x54 perfecto which resembles a stretched-out Flying Pig, with its sharp tapers at each end. It adds a slight cone shape which tapers the entire body towards the cap to concentrate the flavors still further.

In addition to the unique vitola, the SUPREMA utilizes even more aged Criollo long-fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, in addition to the Nicaraguan Corojo long-fillers and Sumatran binder. The result is a cigar that has all the cream and citrus that you could hope for in a Connecticut shade wrapped stogie but also a hefty dose of earth and spice.

The Undercrown Shade SUPREMA is bursting with flavors of cinnamon, rich and earthy caramel, ripe stone fruit, roasted nuts, and fresh leather. It's still a relaxing smoke that goes well with your morning coffee or a day at the links, but it's got a lot more going on than your average Connecticut. This is one limited-edition release that is well worth picking up, especially for Connecticut shade aficionados and fans of more full-bodied cigars who want to give Connecticut shade wrappers a try.

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Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Suprema L.E.

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