CAO Flavours Sampler Box

CAO Flavours Sampler Box CAO Flavours Sampler Box

CAO Flavours Sampler includes:

1 - Bella Vanilla Petit Corona (4" x 38)
1 - Cherrybomb Petit Corona (4" x 38)
1 - Earth Nectar Petit Corona (4" x 38)
1 - Eileen's Dream Petit Corona (4" x 38)
1 - Honey Gold Petit Corona (4" x 38)
1 - Moontrance Petit Corona (4" x 38)

Some people don't want to admit it, but flavored cigars are fun to smoke. If you're out there smoking flavored cigars like those in the CAO Flavours Sampler Box, we're 100% on your team.

"But Cigars Direct" you might cry, How can you sell flavored cigars and also sophisticated premium blends for the purists and aficionados? Aren't those two different teams? Don't you have to pick a side?

It's a good question. We happen to think that there's enough room in our humidors for both (although you should probably segregate/separate your flavored cigars so they don't impart flavor to your other cigars accidentally).

You can be a smoker who enjoys the Cigar of the Year on Sunday, and a CAO Earth Nectar on Tuesday after dinner.

You can smoke an Arturo Fuente $20 stick after you get a nice bonus, and then you can toast up a CAO Solfyre at your next BBQ.

You can sit back with a My Father Le Bijou 1922 on Father's Day, and Eileen's Dream on Mother's Day.

It's all up to you. There are a time and a place for every smoke, and that includes all the cigars in the CAO Flavors Sampler Box.

And what a group it is! Getting one of these is like a box of chocolates. There are a bunch of fun choices and each one gives you an exciting rush when you smell it and get the first draws in.

We've already mentioned two that are included: the CAO Earth Nectar (like a Mediterranean dessert you can't pronounce, it's full of the sweet flavors of almond, cocoa, honey, and raisins) and CAO Eileen's Dream (Irish cream). There's also the CAO Bella Vanilla (you can probably guess the flavor there), CAO Cherrybomb (cherry and also black currant), and the now-retired Honey Gold (honey and Florida orange blossom), and the Moontrance (vanilla bourbon and Georgia peaches).

Yes, the Honey Gold is being retired. Get it here while you can!

The CAO Flavors Sampler Box features cigars that are built around high-quality Dominican long-filler tobacco. This then is rolled into an earthy Connecticut broadleaf binder and a woody, exotic Cameroon wrapper. Even without the flavors, this blend would be quite interesting to smoke, but once CAO's flavor department gets a hold of them, these cigars become something different altogether. They're also 4 x 40 petit coronas, so they don't become too cloying if you decide you like the flavor and want to smoke your cigar to the nub.

Tons of fun, all in a convenient variety box assortment. Thanks, CAO!

Please enjoy the CAO Flavours Sampler Box at your leisure.

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CAO Flavours Sampler Box

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