Wine Cooler Humidors

Let’s first note that, in most cases, cigars do not need to be refrigerated. However, in areas of the country where temperatures fluctuate significantly, the constant change can damage the quality of your cache of stogies. A thermoelectric wine cooler might be the answer for you. DO NOT select a traditional refrigerator. They cool like an air conditioner cools, removing humidity while lowering temperatures. Your cigars will be dehumidified and ruined in short order. Select a quality thermoelectric wine cooler for your purposes. Those with a glass door are nice because they give you the opportunity to look at your fabulous cigars or cigar boxes. Use enough humidifiers to keep proper humidity level, and make sure your hygrometer is properly calibrated and has a fresh battery if digital. Some folks who use a wine cooler, sometimes called a wine-idor or wine-ador, also place a small amount of humidity beads in the cooler to help keep humidity right around 70%. With a bit of experimentation, you’ll find the proper balance of humidifiers and beads to keep your stash of sticks in perfect shape for smoking and enjoying.