Why Do People Smoke Cigars?

by Billy Ferriolo
Why Do People Smoke Cigars?


Okay, so you did it. You went ahead and Googled, “Why do people smoke cigars?” Your curiosity finally got the better of you and now here you are. Here’s the easy answer:

People smoke cigars to relax.

That’s it. You can go on your way now.

Still here?

All right, we’ll explain it a little better than that.

Daily stress builds up

Your uncle, dad, grandfather (and maybe even a few aunts, mothers, and grandmas nowadays) go through each day by putting their heads down and doing what needs to be done. They might even have a pain in the ass manual labor job that leaves them sore and achy in 95 spots. And so, when the workday is finally done, there’s a need to unwind – to let all the stress and aggravation drain out of the body and back into the ground from whence it came.

But there’s no button you can press on the body to do that.

(Well, there kind of is, but you didn’t Google “why do people have sex?” You asked about cigars and so we’ll stick to that for now.)

So people turn to things like a hot shower, a cold beer, and a good meal to help them decompress. This brings us to cigars. Unlike each of those other things, a cigar demands a lot more attention, in a good way. It’s a relaxation and a separation from normalcy that’s of a different kind.

Getting some fresh air

For starters, most of us need to head outside to smoke a cigar because firing up a big ass stogie in the living room is a thing of the past in a lot of modern homes. Right away, this allows for a shift in mindset. We’re not stuck in front of an annoying-ass television. We’re not cooped up and boxed in by four walls. We’re outside, feeling the breeze, hearing the sounds of the neighborhood (or nature), and we’re feeling the sunshine or bathing in the moonlight.

Cigars take you on a little trip right off the bat. And being outside does our minds and spirits some good. Even better if we leave the screens behind for a bit, or maybe use them to put on light music.

That’s only the beginning.

A calming ritual

Then it’s time to smoke. Each step of the process is an enjoyable anticipation of the luxury experience to come. Why do people smoke cigars? It starts at the humidor. You lift the lid and there they are – fine, handmade stogies that were carefully cultivated, aged, blended, and rolled. A lot of effort went into making a cigar, and it shows when you look at it.

They look really damn good. Eye candy, really.

The aroma wafts up. Earthy, woody, leathery, sweet. It’s a magical smell and we breathe it in deep, then exhale and nod our heads – this is the good stuff. It’s like opening a nice wine, whiskey, or even bag of coffee grounds. The smell is intoxicating and captivating. It just pulls you in.

We grab a cigar. It feels buttery and smooth, but solid. We take another deep sniff and nod again. This is the one.

Already, three senses have been tickled. Let’s go light up.

Floating down the river

After clipping a cigar and toasting it up, we get our first pull. The smoke is incredibly flavorful and has a substantial feel in the mouth (referred to as “body”). We blow it away and lean back. The journey has begun.

Cigars are a slow enjoyment in a world that’s always rushing us from one thing to the next, pressuring us to get things done and respond to everything in real time, on someone else’s schedule. Cigars are different. They stay lit with a little pull here and there – no rush is needed. And if your cigar actually go out, your lighter is there to start things up again.

Why do people smoke cigars? Because it’s like getting on a raft and floating down a lazy river. You don’t have to be anywhere, and your next 30-60 minutes are now carved out for relaxation. Cigars get you committed to unwinding, and they have their own easygoing rhythm. Draw… exhale… enjoy… draw… exhale… enjoy. It’s a mellow pattern that helps us escape stresses and troubles, leaving normal life behind and spending time alone with our thoughts.

And of course, having a drink to pair with it doesn’t hurt. Coffee, wine, whiskey… cigars make interesting pairings with a huge variety of beverages. Those beverages definitely help enhance the relaxation.

“Isn’t it stinky?”

It’s an acquired taste, much like the other luxury vices. You probably didn’t enjoy your first sip of beer or shot of vodka, either. But many years down the road, the funky, hoppy taste of an IPA or the bracing burn of liquor become signals to your mind and body to enter a different state of mind. They interrupt your normally scheduled programming of life, inviting you to take a break from your troubles and the constant internal noise that oppresses us.

Yeah, it’s stinky. We revel in it, though. It also helps keep other people away if you want to relax alone.

Hopefully that answers the question “why do people smoke cigars?”

And if you really want the answer, pick up a highly rated five pack and find out!