Desperate Ways to Store Cigars Without a Humidor

Category_Cigarsby Juan Panesso
Leather Bag for Cigars


Okay, so the cigar pros all have 4-bedroom humidors with dedicated voice-activated robots to fetch whatever stick they call for. But for the rest of us, sometimes we just need a place to stash a cigar for a while until we can smoke it. This list has a few of the most basic ways to store cigars without a humidor.

A Good ol' Ziploc

It doesn't have to be a Ziploc. It can be any plastic bag at all, of course. So long as it closes tight, you're good to go. If you want your cigar to last even longer, put something moist in there with it, like a piece of sponge with the water squeezed out (or your lady's undergarments after she listens to Chris Stapleton). Let's be real, though. We know you're not going to do that. Don't worry. The Ziploc is good enough. It should keep your cigar in shape for a few weeks.

A Food Storage Tub

If it's good enough for your turkey sandwich, it's good enough for a cigar. The more airtight, the better. Choose carefully, though. If you get one that has been infused with the flavor of a thousand pasta lunches, you may not like your cigar afterward. Or, you just might invent a new infused cigar line! If you do, get the Drew Estate guys on the phone - they're always up for some experimentation.

Plastic Wrap

Boy, things are getting interesting now, aren't they? Wrap up your cigar like last Tuesday's leftovers and it'll keep for a while, for sure. If it looks stupid and it works, it ain't stupid, right? Combine this with a plastic bag and you're reaching NASA-levels of cigar preservation. The only issue is the lack of moisture. Remember that any cigar left without a source of humidity is eventually going to dry out and spoil.

A Condom

cigars and condoms Whooo boy! We wouldn't use this unless you want your cigars to taste like a regretfully rubbery one night stand. But who knows - there's lots of prophylactics out there. If you've got one that won't mess with your cigar's flavor, you've got something that's ah... good at keeping in moisture. Okay, we're done with this one.

Your Glove Box or Car Console

Most of us have done this before. But you know it's going to stank up your car and degrade quickly. However, if you're not fussy, your glovebox will keep your cigars better than leaving it out on the dash. Remember that heat and dryness are the enemies of cigars in storage. If you've tossed an unwrapped stick into your truck on a hot Texas job site, don't expect it to survive many days of that treatment. Now, we're sure a bunch of leathernecks will tell us that they've stowed cigars here, there, and everywhere and didn't give a "good gosh-darn" (language censored for your protection) when it came time to smoke it, but we're a cigar site and we've got to guide and educate. If you don't give a hoot, neither do we. Use the glove box or console temporarily, if that's all you got.

Your Lady's Purse

(or your own purse if you are, yourself, a member of the fairer sex, in which case we'd like to take this opportunity to say that your hair looks particularly lovely today) Boy, we're really running out of options. But if it closes, you can toss a cigar into it for a while. This type of storage should only be utilized if your lady is a fan of cigars. Otherwise, if you stink up her bag with your stogies, you better hope to God that your female companion is a forgiver so you can avoid being banished to the shed eternally for smoking... (wait a minute... that doesn't sound so bad, actually... we'll get back to you on that one.)

A Zipper Pocket

store a cigar in a jacket Hey, infuse your jacket with the sweet, sweet stench of a cigar. You're already committed to the #cigarlife, just go all the way. Don't do laundry and forget about it though. That could be fairly rough on your wardrobe.

Your Toolbox

Your cigar isn't' going to survive much jostling, but if you keep it on the upper tray, you can preserve it for a bit. And as a plus, your hand tools will have a nice Connecticut broadleaf aroma for months.

A Glasses Case

Okay, this is the last one. Pop out your shades or prescription specs and toss in your cigar. It won't work for long sticks, but short ones will definitely fit. Again, the concern will be forever infusing the case with cigar aroma. But for many of our friends, this won't be too much of an issue. Or, you know, you could skip all this nonsense and just buy a dang humidor.