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Here’s today’s edition of our series “The Story Behind” which gives you an inside look at interesting topics in the world of premium cigars. Diamond Crown is one of the stellar brands in the J.C. Newman stable of quality smokes. The company is America’s oldest family-owned premium cigar maker. History of J.C. Newman Cigars The first of the Newman cigar makers were Julius Caesar Newman who, at 14 and newly immigrated to the U.S., was apprenticed to a cigar maker in Cleveland, OH. The year was 1890. J.C.’s mother Hannah actually paid the cigar producer $3 per month for her son’s apprenticeship! Well, that investment paid off handsomely! Five years later, J.C. started a modest operation. He built a cigar table from scrap boards, borrowed $50 for the initial batch of tobacco and signed a contract with a local grocer to produce 500 stogies. Like many great businesses, it began in a garage, or the 19th century equivalent of it, the family barn. The J.C. Newman Cigar Company was proudly started, and its first brand was in production. They were called A.B.C. Cigars to represent Akron, Bedford, and Cleveland, Ohio. The Stars Come Out to Honor 100 Years To celebrate the centennial anniversary of patriarch J.C. Newman entering the business in 1890, Stanford Newman pulled out all the stops. He teamed with two superstars of the industry, Carlos Fuente, Jr. and Oliva Cigars, to produce a unique cigar befitting the 100 years of J.C. Newman Cigars. The stick they created was the Diamond Crown cigar which became a best-selling J.C. Newman brand. Introducing the Diamond Crown Maximus Cigar Ten years into a fantastic run, Stanford Newman approached Fuente, Jr. again and sought his craftsmanship to produce a cigar worthy of a great decade. The Diamond Crown Maximus is the result. Carlos Fuente, Jr. tapped his family’s secret blend of well-aged Dominican filler tobaccos for starters. He wrapped this super mix in an Oliva wrapper – the premium El Bajo Ecuadorian that is raved about by aficionados. It’s simply one of the best Ligero Oscuro wrappers available today. The Makeup of the Diamond Crown Maximus Why did CA give this stick a wonderful 90 rating? It starts with a rich blend of fillers from the DR bound with a tasty binder also from the Dominican Republic. The wrapper, the sun-grown Oscuro, is produced exclusively on the Oliva El Bajo farm along the Rio Macul River. The tobaccos are aged a full five years. The cigars are produced at Tabacalera Fuente in the DR. You’ll enjoy a smoke that delivers full flavor with impressive amounts of smooth leather marked with spice, nuts, and berries. Enjoy this fantastic cigar from Cigars Direct in several sizes including Robusto no. 5, Double Robusto no. 6, Toro, Churchill no. 2 and Double Corona no. 1.
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