L’Atelier ROXY Cigars: Honoring Canine Companions with Exceptional Blends

Written by: Juan Panesso



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You could pour one out for pups that have passed on, or you could light one up. Or both. It’s up to you.

The L’Atelier ROXY blend is made to honor the memory of a beloved dog named Roxy. She was owned by K.C. Johnson, a member of the Tatuaje team. And she was such a well-loved dog that she inspired not one but TWO delicious blends to smoke to remember our canine companions who went up to that great Butt-Sniffing Party in the Sky.

L'Atelier ROXY cigars come in natural and maduro versions. We offer them together as a
sampler of two, and also in boxes of 20, if you’re handing them out to the whole dog park.  Why two blends? Well, Johnson says that it could be attributed to Roxy’s dual personality.

Those who own dogs probably understand that, while dogs have loving and loyal reputations, it is definitely unwise to get on their bad side. Whether you’re trying to take away a freshly- snatched cooked bone or you’re simply intruding on their turf, many dogs are as fierce as they are affectionate.

But we’re getting sidetracked.

This is a very high-quality blend that requires a little bit of description. Two-time Cigar of the
Year winner José “Don Pepin” Garcia has a healthy obsession with a tobacco varietal called sancti spiritus. It’s named after a growing region in Cuba, and it has provided a special flavor to many of Don Pepin’s fine blends made for My Father and other brands. 

When he makes blends for the L’Atelier mark, they also invariably incorporate this rare leaf, which is a hybrid of criollo and pelo d’oro.

You’ll find Ecuador sancti spiritus wrapping the natural version of the L’Atelier ROXY, which is built around a core of Nicaraguan long-filler and a Nicaraguan binder. The Maduro version, on the other hand, uses the same filler blend, but takes a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. This is another signature leaf for Tatuaje founder Pete Johnson, and the team always puts it to very good use in their stogies.

Expect the natural version of the L’Atelier ROXY to offer flavors of earth, cedar, spice, and dried apricots. The Maduro is darker, tending to show notes of sweet chicory coffee and plum. Lastly,
these petit robustos measure 3.5 x 50. We’re guessing Roxy was a small breed?

In any event, rest in peace to the dogs gone by. You were very good girls and boys. Tonight, we’re smoking for you.

Please browse our selection of L’Atelier while you honoring canine with cigars

What are the flavors like

o For the natural, earth, cedar, spice, and dried apricot.
o For the maduro, chicory coffee, plum, and sweetness

What’s the strength level?

o Medium-full

Who is this cigar for?

o L’Atelier ROXY cigars are fine blends for fans of Don Pepin smoke and dogs.

Will I want to smoke it to the nub?

o Dock that tail. This one’s getting nubbed.

What’s a good pairing with it?

o Flying dog beer, or any dog-themed drink. For the hardcore, a nice ladle full of
toilet water is what Rover or FiFi would have wanted you to enjoy.

What’s the best time/place to smoke this cigar?

o With a dog at your side or feet.

Any flaws/downsides?

o Tears may be shed when you think of your lost dogs.

As the smoke swirls and memories linger, the L’Atelier ROXY cigars stand as more than just blends of fine tobacco. They embody an ode to cherished companions, honoring the loyalty and spirit of dogs like Roxy who've left their paw prints on our hearts. With each puff, flavors unfold, reminiscent of earthy cedar, sweet plum, and the warmth of shared moments. Whether it's the natural or maduro version, these petit robustos invite reflection and tribute.


Beyond the rich aromas and complexity of taste, these cigars represent a heartfelt salute to the canine companions who graced our lives. They serve as a reminder that in Honoring Canines with Cigars, we carry their presence forward, sharing stories and raising a smoke in their honor. So, here's to the dogs we've loved and lost—may their tails wag forever in our memories. And as we exhale, we celebrate their legacy, puff by puff, in this beautifully crafted blend.