Humidor Care

If you typically keep your humidor out on display in the main room of your home—say on a table in your living room or on a shelf in your den or home office—you might want to rethink that position during the summer. If the room tends to heat up, maybe due to more direct sunlight or higher temperatures in general, you might find it more difficult to keep the humidity level in your humidor at a consistent 68 to 72 degrees. Some options include moving your humidor to a lower shelf if it’s on a bookshelf or to a room on the lower level (if you have one). Even a dark closet is a better place than out where the sunlight can dry things out pretty quick. If you do leave your humidor out on display during the summer, try to keep it out of direct sunlight and be sure to check humidity levels regularly—if you’re a little casual about this at other times of the year, this is not a time to follow suit. Once a week or so isn’t too often during warm weather, and be sure to have enough of your liquid of choice on hand—distilled water or PG solution—for filling parched humidifiers.