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The varied 270-year history of the Graycliff Hotel is fascinating, and we’ve written about it in this space. It is now owned by Enrico and Anna Maria Garzaroli who re-opened it as a hotel after years of it being just a private dwelling. The story behind Graycliff cigars is equally compelling to cigar enthusiasts. Enrico Garzaroli wanted to develop a house brand of cigars to offer his guests. He tabbed legendary Cuban cigar master Avelino Lara, formerly the personal cigar maker for Castro, to help him. To say the least, the partnership was a success. Lara, who died in 2009, spent more than a decade creating one of the most exclusive brands in the industry. We’ve written extensively about Lara too. Today, his son Abel Lara is part of the cigar-making team at Graycliff. This is a super-premium boutique cigar rolled in the Bahamas. Their rarity is part of the reason for the higher price. The cost per stick is $8 to $22 depending on the size and number you purchase, though we strive to keep costs as low as possible. Graycliff Crystal Tobacco Blend and Flavor The blenders at Graycliff use some of the brand’s oldest tobacco in these fine cigars. Leaf more than a decade old is added to the mix to create a mellow richness found in few smokes. An Ecuadorian wrapper covers a binder cultivated in Greece and a filler blend chooses from select tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras. That blend has changed slightly over the years, but this is the current formula. Graycliff Crystal cigars are mild to medium in body. Light one up for a bouquet of flavors including mild leather, sweet grass, honey, vanilla, and light spice. The spice increases and nuts are added to the flavor profile as the stick shortens. This is a delicious cigar for those who want a milder, sweeter smoke that still has a touch of zing. Graycliff Crystal Ratings As you read Graycliff Crystal reviews, you’ll note that most people very much enjoy this cigar. Most ratings are upper-80s to the low-90s. Graycliff Crystal cigar ratings in CA top out at 90. Graycliff Crystal Cigars at Cigars Direct You’ll find these hard-to-get cigars in stock right here. Take a look at our current stock for specifics. The list of Vitolas that are manufactured includes:
  • 4.5x44 Crystal Taco
  • 7x48 Crystal Presidente
  • 5.2x50 Crystal PG
  • 6x50 Crystal PGX
  • 6x52 Crystal Pirate
If you love a smooth, creamy cigar that is sweet and mellow, the Crystal is worth a try. Many select it as a special-occasion smoke when the goal is to relax and enjoy a treasured accomplishment or event. Browse our Graycliff Crystal smokes for ones you’ve enjoyed in the past or are looking forward to firing up soon.