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Adding cigars to your heartfelt “thank you” adds something tangible to be enjoyed while the pleasant memory of your words of appreciation lingers. In a recent post, we listed five ways to use cigars to express thanks to friends, employees, service personnel and neighbors. Here are five more cigar-themed ways to show appreciation. 1. Give a Cigar of the Month Club Membership End your thank-you note with something like, “As an expression of my gratitude, I’ve signed you up for Cigars Direct’s Cigar of the Month Club for the next six months. You’ll be receiving five premium cigars each month. Consider each one you light up an expression of my appreciation.” 2. Treat your Recipient to a Great Meal and a Cigar If the person you wish to thank is also a friend, then taking them out to eat at their favorite restaurant followed by enjoying a premium cigar is a wonderful way to show thanks. When taking a group of friends out to show them thanks, offer a toast to them with the first round of drinks. When showing thanks to someone it would be awkward to accompany to dinner (your home remodeler or the guy restoring your 1969 Camaro, for example), offer a gift card to a fine restaurant. Include as part of the gift a sample pack of Fuente, Padrón, Ashton, CAO or another premium brand. 3. Make a Donation to a Cause they Support If you know where they volunteer time or contribute money, consider making a donation to the organization. Another option is to volunteer an afternoon or evening to work alongside them at a charitable event. If you make a donation, jot the recipient a note to let them know, and attach the note to a sample pack of tasty smokes. Letting them know you donated is enough; no dollar amount need be mentioned. If you choose to volunteer, offer a premium smoke afterward as you discuss the experience. 4. Give a Personalized Accessory Consider buying a quality stainless steel cigar cutter or lighter from Xikar and having their name engraved on it along with a few words of thanks. A wooden humidor can be personalized by having a professional burn their name into it. Put a few premium cigars in the humidor or make a bundle of them with the other accessory. A good-looking accessory personalized just for them is a gift they’ll enjoy for many years. 5. Write a Thank-You Note Handwritten notes are still one of the best ways to say “thank you.” They are rarer than ever in this digital age, but therefore more appreciated when given. Tell the recipient why you’re thankful for them or their actions. You don’t have to be eloquent; heartfelt works best every time. Attach the card to a small gift bag with several fantastic cigars inside! Studies show that expressing gratitude is a win-win situation. According to Harvard Medical School researchers, “Giving thanks can make you happy.” That’s perfect!
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