Cigar Spotlight: Camacho Corojo

Camacho recently revamped the majority of its blends, and the Corojo was one of the few that remained untouched. The company, now part of the Oettinger-Davidoff Group, likely wouldn’t think of changing or discontinuing their most iconic smoke. This is a highly-rated cigar enjoyed by those looking for a stout smoke they can sink their teeth into. This spotlight on the Corojo from Camacho provides insight as you consider adding a few of these bold sticks to your humidor. Corojo tobacco is grown from the corojo seed variety known to produce full-flavored leaf. For more than ten years, seasoned smokers and newcomers wanting to sample a powerful cigar have enjoyed the Camacho Corojo in its various vitolas. Camacho Corojo Tobacco Blend and Flavor
  • Wrapper: Cuban-seeded Honduran corojo
  • Binder: Cuban-seeded Honduran corojo
  • Filler: Cuban-seeded Honduran corojo
It’s that simple. Every leaf of tobacco used in these amped-up cigars is grown from corojo seed of Cuban origin. This is a Honduran puro. The seed has an interesting story. It was smuggled out of Cuba in the 1960s. Camacho began growing it in Honduras, specifically in the renowned Jamastran Valley with its super-fertile soil. The climate of the region is noted for its similarities to the legendary Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. Camacho claims it possesses the only Corojo seed with origins in Cuba and that it has spent four decades perfecting it cultivation, fermenting and aging. This energetic tobacco needs some aging smooth out its edge without reducing the power, so Camacho doesn’t rush the process. If you’re looking for a smoke that resembles an old-school Cuban cigar, this is a good choice. Expert Camacho Corojo reviews point out the complexity of the flavors produced by this blend of Corojo. You’ll enjoy dark, dried fruit flavors over a core of earthy leather. Flavors of pepper, roasted meat, sweet cedar, nutmeg, nuts, oak and caramel may also hit your palate over the course of one of these smokes. As noted, it’s a complex cigar, and each smoker finds a different flavor mix. Camacho Corojo Cigar Rating Camacho reviews from seasoned smokers generally give this cigar high marks. The range is roughly 88 to 94. CA’s top rating of the Camacho Corojo is 94, and the cigar made the magazine’s Top 25 list in fifth place in 2010. If you think bold is beautiful, then this full-bodied cigar will probably be a pleasure to you. It is best after a hearty meal and while you have a cold beverage in hand. Camacho Corojo Cigars at Cigars Direct These highly rated cigars are also very affordable with a per-stick price of about $5 to $7.50. We stock them in all sizes in both samplers and boxes, and there are a half-dozen vitolas or more in production at any time. The sizes range from the 5x5x42 Petite through the 7x48 Churchill to the beefy 6x54 Figurado. Browse our current selection for your favorite sizes, and order today with confidence because all of our stock is guaranteed to be in great condition for smoking or putting in the humidor.