Five Mild to Medium Cigars You’ll Love

A mild cigar is one that is flavorful but not overpowering. The taste will be smooth, and you’ll enjoy a range of flavors from earthy things like hay and nuts to treats like coffee, cocoa or berries. The spices will be present but mild, as will notes of things like cedar, leather, and pepper. We should note that being cigars, none are truly mild. The designation mild to medium or mild-medium is a better one. Mild to medium cigars are usually suggested for novice smokers, but that designation short-changes their quality. Many cigars considered mild are among the top-selling brands in the business. Here are five top mild-medium cigars anyone will enjoy. 1. Ashton Classic Corona Connecticut Cigars: Mild yes, but bland? Never, my friend! These sticks are delicious. They make outstanding cigars for the morning or after lunch. It’s packed with some of the finest Dominican long-filler tobacco available. 2. Romeo y Julieta 1875 Cigars: This is a cigar made in the DR using quality, mellow tobaccos. The wrapper is a tasty Indonesian shade-grown TBN (Tabaco Bawah Naungan, i.e., grown in shade) leaf around a lovely blend of Dominican long-leaf fillers. 3. Macanudo Café Cigars: Here’s another Connecticut shade leaf beauty! The tobacco is aged and fermented for longer than most to give it a very mellow, inviting flavor that is smooth and creamy. 4. Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story Cameroon: This is a 91-rated cigar that employs a choice blend of tobacco fillers from the DR nestled in a scintillating Cameroon wrapper. 5. Montecristo White Label: You’ll enjoy spices here, though nothing exceptionally hot. Smokers usually note fresh bread, coffee, and nuts in this blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers in an Ecuadorian binder.