Five Cigars Worth a Bundle

When you buy a bundle of cigars, you get all the great smokes without the trappings. There’s no box, typically, or at least not a fancy one. Some bundles don’t have wrappers on the individual sticks. So, okay, don’t buy a bundle if you’re looking to impress. Stay away from bundles when choosing the cigar to hand out at your wedding or the birth of an “heir to the throne.” Bundles are perfect for your daily smoke rotation. They’re acceptable for offering friends a cigar in your man cave when playing cards, watching the game or working on your truck. Here are five cigar bundles that offer excellent value – for the most part! Buy them in bundles and save – yet still enjoy the “naked” pleasure they offer. 1. Corojo Especial by Rocky Patel Available in Robusto, Toro and Torpedo sizes, these sticks come in at about $2.50 per cigar, give or at take a few cents. Rocky Patel Corojo Especial for $2.50. Wow! The cigars, by the way, do come with individual labels in most shipments. 2. Miami Hand Rolls or Tampa Hand Roll You’ve got a lot of options here in both Natural and Maduro wrappers—Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, Churchill and even Double Corona. Heck, even if you go with the 7.5x50 Double Corona, you’re looking at a bundle of 25 stogies for less than $2.30 per cigar at current prices. We’ve got them all! 3. Limited Release Super Toro Maduro These swarthy sticks are easy on the eyes, oily in the hand, delicious on the palate and a bargain at less than $4 per cigar. 4. Casa Magna Robusto Reminder: This cigar was CA’s Cigar of the Year in 2008. Surprise: We’ve got bundles that work out to just over $5 per cigar at current prices. 5. Gurkha Gran Reserve Robusto At nearly $10 per stick, these aren’t bargain-priced for most smokers, but if you’ve had a Gurkha Gran Reserve Robusto and you gotta have more, a bundle is a perfect choice. We’ve got them in a variety of sizes – not just Robusto. NOTE: Bundles MUST go in a humidor. We know you know, but we need to say it anyway, you know?