Essential Guide: Cleaning, Maintaining, and Upgrading Your Humidor for Perfect Cigar Storage

by Juan Panesso
Guide to cleaning, maintaining and upgrading humidor


Proper storage is essential for cigar enthusiasts looking to preserve the flavor and quality of their cigars over an extended period. Whether you are a seasoned cigar aficionado or a beginner, having a well-maintained humidor is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we will get into the world of humidor care, exploring cleaning techniques, maintenance tips, and suggestions for upgrading your setup. We will also address the importance of maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity levels for your cigars, as well as common problems that can arise from improper storage. By following the instructions and recommendations provided, you can ensure that your cigars remain in pristine condition, ready to be enjoyed at your leisure.

The Importance of Proper Cigar Storage 

Proper cigar storage is vital to maintain the quality and flavor of your cigars. Improper storage can lead to issues such as uneven burn, a harsh taste, a broken wrapper, difficulties with lighting and keeping the cigar lit, mold growth, and even infestation by tobacco beetles. To ensure the optimal conditions for your cigars, it is essential to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity levels.

  1. Temperature and Humidity Requirements:
    • Cigars should be stored below the maximum temperature of 73°F (23°C).
    • The recommended environment for achieving optimal conditions is typically a temperature of around 70°F (21°C) accompanied by a humidity level of approximately 70%.
    • Deviations from these ranges can affect the flavor, burn, and overall quality of your cigars.
  2. The Role of a Humidor:
    • If you plan on storing your cigars for more than 1-2 weeks, a humidor is necessary. Brands like Arturo Fuente Limited Edition Humidors or My Father Cigar Humidors may be wise choices. 
    • A humidor provides a controlled environment, protecting your cigars from fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
    • Humidors come in various sizes, designs, and materials, with Spanish cedar being a popular choice for its moisture-absorbing and aromatic properties.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your humidor are essential for its longevity and functionality. Regular upkeep will prevent mold growth, ensure accurate humidity levels, and safeguard your cigars. Here's a simple breakdown of the steps you should follow for effective cleaning and maintenance:


  • Use a clean, lint-free cloth lightly dampened with distilled water to wipe the interior of the humidor, removing any dust or residue.
  • Exercise caution to avoid over-wetting the wood, as it can lead to swelling or damage.
  • If necessary, consider using a mild, cigar-friendly cleaner specifically designed for humidor interiors.
  • Allow the humidor to air-dry completely before placing cigars back inside.
  1. Humidity Control and Hygrometer Calibration:
    • Regularly check and calibrate your hygrometer to ensure accurate humidity readings.
    • Use a salt calibration test to determine the accuracy of your hygrometer:
      • Take a bottle cap or small cup, fill it with salt, and moisten the salt with a few droplets of water, ensuring it remains undissolved.
      • Seal the hygrometer and the salt inside a see-through container, letting it sit for at least 6 hours.
      • The hygrometer should read exactly 75%. If there is a difference, adjust the hygrometer accordingly.
    • Consider using Boveda Humidity Packs or other recommended humidification devices to maintain stable humidity levels.
  2. Humidor Seasoning and Setup:
    • Before storing cigars, properly season your humidor to create the ideal moisture and temperature conditions.
    • Saturate the humidification device with Propylene Glycol Activation Solution or distilled water and place it on a towel for about an hour to prevent dripping.
    • Optionally, leave a damp sponge or a shot glass filled with distilled water in the humidor for added humidity.
    • Attach the humidifiers and hygrometer inside the humidor, ensuring proper positioning and ventilation.
    • Close the humidor for at least twelve hours or overnight, allowing the humidity to stabilize.
    • Once the hygrometer reads over 65%, your humidor is ready to store cigars.

Upgrading Your Humidor 

 While a basic humidor can fulfill the primary function of cigar storage, upgrading your humidor can enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Consider the following options to elevate your humidor experience:

  1. Humidor Accessories:
    • Explore accessories such as cigar rests, dividers, and trays to organize and showcase your cigar collection.
    • Invest in quality humidification devices like Boveda Humidity Packs, which offer hassle-free humidity control.
  2. Temperature Control:
    • Some high-end humidors offer built-in temperature control systems, allowing you to maintain precise temperature levels for your cigars.
    • These temperature-controlled humidors are ideal for enthusiasts seeking the utmost precision and customization.
  3. Aesthetics and Design:
    • Upgrade to a humidor that reflects your personal style and taste, with options ranging from traditional wooden designs to modern, sleek finishes.
    • Consider limited edition or artistically designed humidors that double as collector's items.

 Taking care of your humidor and maintaining optimal storage conditions for your cigars is essential to ensure a memorable smoking experience. By following the cleaning and maintenance tips provided in this article, as well as implementing proper humidor setup and upgrades, you can preserve the freshness and quality of your cigars for an extended period. Remember to monitor temperature and humidity levels diligently, use reliable hygrometers and humidification devices, and explore the wide array of accessories available to enhance your humidor setup. With a well-maintained humidor, you'll be able to enjoy your cigars in the best possible condition, savoring their complex flavors and aromas with every puff.