Cigar Band Art: A Collection of Stunning Designs

by Juan Panesso
Collection of bands of different cigars


In the world of cigars, there is something truly alluring for enthusiasts and collectors alike - the cigar band. It's a piece of art that wraps around the cigar reflecting the brand's identity and capturing the essence of its flavor. These bands aren't just labels; they talk about the skill and meticulousness involved in crafting each cigar. With their colors and intricate designs, cigar bands add a touch of sophistication and appeal to the smoking experience.

The Rich History of Cigar Bands

The origins of cigar bands can be traced back to the mid-19th century when Gustave Bock is credited with inventing them around 1854. Bock's innovative concept not only contributed to the growth of the cigar industry but also paved the way for today's artistic expression through these bands. By the 1880s, cigar bands had evolved into works of art adorned with colors, including iconic embossing in red, green and gold. Each band became a signature for every cigar brand, creating a sense of recognition and individuality. The artistry of cigar bands continues to thrive today with respected jewelry houses and premium packaging printers pushing the boundaries of design. 

Some stunning cigar bands

  1. Fuente Fuente Opus X, which features a band outlined in gold. It proudly displays the O" and vibrant red "X," symbolizing the highly sought-after Dominican Puro cigar renowned for its exquisite flavors
  2. Another exquisite band can be found on the Ashton Symmetry. Its design draws inspiration from the elegance of the Renaissance era.  It showcases hues such as turquoise, baby blue, red, maroon, navy and burnt orange. Within this crafted band lies a blend of premium aged tobacco sourced from both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.
  3. La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse boasts a band adorned with images of a haired beauty amidst captivating floral motifs. This limited-edition cigar envelops flavors derived from selected Nicaraguan tobacco.
  4. The San Cristobal Ovation with its band features a parrot surrounded by sparkling gold medallions, against a fuchsia background. This remarkable Nicaraguan cigar offers a limited production showcasing a full-bodied profile characterized by sweetened hickory notes intertwined with spices.
  5. My Father Le Bijou 1922 features a salmon band that adds a romantic touch. It pays tribute to a blend of Nicaraguan tobacco offering flavors of spicy coffee beans and leather.
  6. Tatuajes "Skinny Monster" line is an example of how cigar bands can tell a story and convey character. Each band in this collection honors monsters from novels with colors and designs specifically tailored to match each monster's personality. This level of creativity does not only catch the consumer's eye but also strengthens the bond between the cigar and its smoker.
  7. Dunbarton Tobacco and Trusts Sin Compromiso Seleccion stands out with its forest green band, which complements the dark wrapper of the cigar. The Hungarian cross symbol on the band represents founder Steve Sakas's passion and faith poured into his blends. This meticulous attention to detail in the band reflects the blending process that results in a satisfying smoking experience.
  8. Archetype Sacred Scales, created through a collaboration between Ventura Cigar Co. And E.P. Carrillo Jr., is truly eye-catching with its pink and light blue colors. The presence of a resting wolf on a weighing machine adds an element of surprise and intrigue. As for the cigar itself, it provides a bodied experience, with delicious notes of chocolate, dark fruit, caramel and spices.
  9. Drew Estates Undercrown 2019 Dogma truly showcases how a band can perfectly complement the appearance of a cigar. The combination of a gold and navy-blue band beautifully enhances the oily wrapper. The intricate design, featuring the head of a feline atop a crown adds an element of elegance to the aesthetic.
  10. The band on the San Cristobal Ovation Eminence is undeniably captivating, with its captivating Red Parrot holding two gold coins. The bright gold tones perfectly harmonize with the hue of the wrapper creating an overall sophisticated and visually pleasing look. When it comes to flavor, this cigar's blend of San Andres wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco offers notes of spice, chocolate, creamy caramel and fruit.

More than Just Art

Cigar bands do not just possess appeal. In fact, cigar bands serve practical purposes. They play a role in marketing and branding by providing recognition and visibility for cigar lines from various companies. A beautifully designed band has the ability to pique consumers' interest and attract them to explore the characteristics and flavor profiles offered by each cigar. 

The allure of cigar bands has fueled a passion for enthusiasts who have taken up collecting cigars as their hobby. As cigar collectors search for attractive bands, they become possessions, valued for their visual appeal and the narratives they convey. 

The Varied Designs of Cigar Bands

Cigar bands come in a range of styles reflecting the landscape of the cigar industry. From timeless and sophisticated designs to modern artwork, there is a band to suit every preference. Some bands showcase illustrations while others adopt a minimalistic and refined aesthetic. Each band represents the brand's identity and captures the essence of the cigar it adorns, offering a glimpse into the world that awaits upon lighting it.

Cigar Bands - Significance in Identity and Presentation

Cigar bands play a role in elevating the presentation of a cigar. They add an element of refinement and elegance to the smoking experience. The attention to detail exhibited in these bands mirrors the craftsmanship that goes into creating each cigar, creating an aura of opulence and exclusivity. For cigar aficionados, each band narrates a story, conveying the passion and artistry involved in crafting these exquisite smokes.

As you savor your cigar, pause for a while and admire the detailed band that adorns it. It's a symbol of the passion and creativity that elevates the joy of smoking cigars.