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There comes a time for some cigar companies when reducing the number of lines leads to a better lineup overall. It’s the addition of quality and consistency by the subtraction of distraction and underperforming products. Camacho Cigars now features an attractive lineup of overhauled blends produced with a new and very contemporary packaging scheme. The results will be a brand that is more accessible to consumers who want to understand the range of products being offered. According to Camacho, the move was part taste and part marketing – the goal to deliver better cigars in a more appealing way. On the flavor end of it, according to Camacho marketing director Dylan Austin, “Nearly all elements of Camacho have been intensified. The brand is taking an aggressive stance on the future and aims to reset the bar for bold and full-flavored cigars.” A short time ago, Camacho had 11 lines. Now there are just six: Corojo, Corojo Maduro, Connecticut, Criollo (formerly Havana), Triple Maduro and Diploma. Only the blends in the Triple Maduro and Connecticut remain unchanged. What this means is that some of your favorite lines like the Camacho Select and Camacho Candela won’t be made anymore. You may want to stock up while they’re still available. We’ve got a good supply at Cigars Direct, and we haven’t raised our prices on sticks that are becoming rarer all the time. You’ll notice that the labels have been altered to include very masculine lettering along with the addition of a scorpion to the logo. The label design is the same across the six lines, and each line sports a vibrant color ranging from black to bright yellow with blue, red, chartreuse and pink in between. The new lineup is worth a look, and when you’re ready for great prices, look no further than Cigars Direct.