Best Robusto Cigars Under $10

by Juan Panesso
Robusto Cigars and Humidor


Robusto cigars deliver all the flavor you need in a convenient, manageable format. You can light up knowing you're about to hit the home stretch about an hour from now. Additionally, you'll find some good values from premium smokes under $10 per stick on this list. 

This is our list of the best Robusto cigars under $10 right now. Let’s clip the head on this stogie and light up!

Joya Silver Robusto

The Joya Silver Robusto is also a medium-full smoke powered by Nicaraguan tobacco, but it gets a huge lift from a Mexican binder and an Ecuador Habano wrapper leaf. It’s a perfectly square 5 x 50 and has earned itself 92 points from Cigar Aficionado. The aroma of cocoa, earth, roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and dark fruits makes this smoke feel like a dessert smoke. CA even noted that “a definitive layer of crème brûlée adds sweet elegance to the smoke.”

We want some of what they’re smoking! 

No, we literally want some of what they’re smoking. 

That sounds really nice and definitely gets this one onto our list of the best Robusto cigars under $10.

H. Upmann 1844 Añejo Robusto

Another company that’s been killing it for ages is H. Upmann. They really have a nice combination of a leaf going for the 5 x 50 1844 Añejo Robusto, putting together Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan tobacco—and that’s just for the long-filler blend! Add in the Honduran binder and Ecuador wrapper and you’ve got a 91-point medium-strength blend that Cigar Aficionado praised as, “like sipping a sweet cappuccino with a drizzling of caramel on top.” Um, yummy! We definitely need that.

These delicious robustos will absolutely put a smile on your face.

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro Robusto

If you were waiting for a full-strength Robusto from this list, the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro will perk you right up! 

In this blend, you'll find delicious aged tobacco that delivers serious potency and layers of flavor. In Cigar Aficionado’s 91-point review of this 5 x 54 Nicaraguan puro, they said that “in between the strong, bold layers of earth and spice, sweeter hints of caramel and chocolate-covered raisin add balance to this dark, distinctly pressed Robusto.”

As with many on our list, it is a flavor bomb. The best Robusto cigars under $10 rise to the challenge of being tasty and high-quality, while remaining affordable.

My Father Connecticut Robusto

Last up, we’ve got one of Pepin Garcia’s mild-medium Connecticut. The master blender who's twice won Cigar of the Year knows how to make a satisfying and smooth blend of tobacco.

Here, instead of his famous Habano rosado leaf, he’s working with Ecuador Connecticut tobacco to create one of the best Robusto cigars under $10. This cover leaf plus Nicaraguan long-fillers creates a “tangy, oaky” smoke that also features a sweeter side with notes of “graham cracker and pecan.” Add to that “mild touches of almonds and cinnamon” and you’ve got a beautiful lighter offering to complete our list.

If you like ‘em Robusto, you now have five recommendations for great cigars that each come in at less than a tenner. Enjoy!

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