5 Best Places to Smoke a Cigar | Premium Cigar Blog | Cigars Direct

A cigar, by itself, isn't enough to make a great cigar experience. We're firm believers that you need the right smoke spot to enjoy it properly. Fortunately, the world is full of them! Here are five of our favorite places to smoke a cigar:

A bar or, even better, a cigar lounge

The number of places where you can publicly enjoy a cigar is mostly shrinking. But in certain countries, states, and cities, you are still welcome to kick back and fire up a cigar. A bar that allows it can be nice because you've got access to a massive liquor cabinet, right at your fingertips. A full-on cigar lounge, of course, is also an amazing place to enjoy a smoke with like-minded people. You'll have all the accessories you need, and will no doubt get amazing recommendations on future smokes, but the air might be filled with a lot of different smoke flavors, making it hard to focus (if you're a purist). Surely you can take a night off and enjoy a cigar with other cigar lovers, right?

Your own cigar room, or failing that, your basement

Who needs a home office when you can have a home cigar lounge? Toss the printer and put in a turntable for old jazz, blues, classic rock, and filthy comedy albums from bygone eras. Throw away the office chair and get that killer leather lounger. And of course, get rid of the reference library and put up a legit humidor. Or, ya know... just head down to the basement. At least you're allowed to smoke down there.

A hot tub

Super relaxing. A short cigar is probably the perfect length for a session in the hot tub. But bring an ashtray - even a floating one! Just don't ash in the water. Not cool.

On vacation

Literally, any location is amazing for lighting up when you're on vacation. On the beach, by the pool (if allowed), in a casino, on your balcony porch... you've worked hard, now it's time to enjoy. Don't bring cigars from home - sample the local wares!

Your own backyard

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. You can't beat the view from your own porch or backyard chair. Light up and relish the joys of property ownership. Get a speaker out there and try not to think too much about yard work that needs doing. Let us know - where are your favorite places to light up your favorite premium cigars?