Experience Unrivaled Sophistication: Atabey Dioses 10-Year Extra Aged Cigars Revealed

Written by: Juan Panesso



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This brand is branching out, making use of premium aged tobacco to create an entirely new experience for old fans and the new ones that inevitably will pick up this stick and have their socks blown right across the yard.

Atabey Dioses 10 Year Extra Aged Cigars uses tobacco that rested in aging vaults developing for a full decade. Lined in cedar and French oak, these storage rooms impart an extra layer of woody complexity to the already flavorful leaf. The concept is not new for the Atabey core line. Instead, they’re just taking their ordinary 2-3 years of aging farther down the road. Oliver Nivaud of United Cigars (who distributes Atabey in the U.S.) likens it to “an advanced sauce reduction,” explaining that “the resulting cigars have a mellow, intensified Atabey signature flavor.”

The formula is similar to what those who know the brand have come to enjoy. This means a fairly bright Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper over a filler blend that still is something of a trade secret. We have heard that Atabey Dioses (“gods”) 10-Year Extra Aged cigars make use of Peruvian ligero, but the complete details and exact specifics are still unknown.

We’re forgiving of a company that keeps secrets when the smoke is good, and Atabey is off to a good start. Solid, flavorful smokes have kept our attention from foot to head in many sessions, and have also offered buyers respectable value. We think this company will continue to earn customers over time, especially when they set their sights on making sophisticated blends like this extra-aged blend.

Supplies are limited to 370 boxes, so please don’t wait too long if you want to try out Atabey’s take on a well-aged cigar.

Atabey Dioses 10 Year Extra Aged Cigars: a smoke well worth the wait.

  • What are the flavors like?

    • Sweet cream, cedar, pepper spice
  • What’s the strength level?

    • Medium
  • Who is this cigar for?

    • Atabey Dioses 10-Year Extra-Aged cigars are for people who want a more mature take on the core Atabey blend.
  • Will I want to smoke it to the nub?

    • This one is easy to enjoy over a long smoke session.
  • What’s a good pairing with it?

    • Light and sweet iced coffee
  • What’s the best time/place to smoke this cigar?

    • Poolside in the summer, when you want to spend time getting good and hot before taking a dip
  • Any flaws/downsides?

    • The secret blend will drive you nuts trying to guess what’s inside the wrapper.

In the world of fine cigars, the unveiling of Atabey Dioses 10 Year Extra Aged Cigars is an event worth savoring. This limited-edition release exemplifies the dedication to craftsmanship and the pursuit of excellence within the renowned Atabey brand. As the aging process transcends the ordinary, enthusiasts are treated to an extraordinary fusion of flavors and complexity that redefine the expectations of a premium cigar experience.


With only 370 boxes available, each holding the essence of a decade-long aging journey, the opportunity to indulge in Atabey Dioses 10-Year Extra Aged Cigars is a rare and cherished occasion. The fusion of sweet cream, cedar, and pepper spice delivers a medium-strength profile that appeals to aficionados seeking a mature interpretation of the beloved Atabey blend.


The allure of this cigar extends beyond its impeccable taste; it invites enthusiasts to partake in a ritual of indulgence and sophistication. Paired ideally with light and sweet iced coffee, these cigars become an accompaniment to moments of leisure, especially by the poolside on a balmy summer day.


While the mystery surrounding the blend may intrigue, it is the quality and richness of the smoking experience that captivate the senses. Atabey Dioses 10-Year Extra Aged Cigars beckon aficionados on a journey of discerning flavors and luxurious indulgence, inviting them to revel in the pleasure of a meticulously crafted smoking sensation.


In the world of cigar aficionados, few releases command such anticipation and admiration. Atabey Dioses 10-Year Extra Aged Cigars stand as a testament to Atabey's commitment to excellence, elevating the smoking experience to an unparalleled level of sophistication and pleasure. Don't miss the opportunity to savor this exceptional blend—a testament to time, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of perfection in every draw.