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The Center City section of Philadelphia is leading this great city’s return from urban decay. In the midst of the renaissance sits the famous Holt’s Cigar Company, the establishment owned by none other than Robert Levin, the principal at Ashton Cigars. Now, Philly has had a smoking ban in place since 2007. The bar about Holt’s was excluded – perhaps the only exclusion in the entire city. The bar, for years, has been called Mahogany on Walnut because someone with influence at one point thought that was a good name. What, was the name Pine on Fir taken? How about Carpeting on Linoleum? Almond on Bisque? Okay, we get it—Mahogany and Walnut are two dark kinds of wood known as premium materials for upscale paneling. We just thought we’d have some fun with an unusual name. The bar was NOT owned by Holt’s/Levin. The new name of the bar is one that makes much more sense to us: Ashton Cigar Bar. Holt’s owns the building in which the bar is located. Mahogany on Walnut wasn’t cutting it, so when the lease ran out, Levin and crew took it over. The place was gutted and renovated to be lighter (Mahogany and walnut? Dark on Darker?) and airier. A huge…HUGE…walk-in humidor was added. Humidors, actually. Two hundred different cigar labels are available in all their different sizes, fresh and ready to enjoy. Consider how cool it would be to smoke your favorite Ashton in the bar above the tobacconist shop where it all began! The drinks menu is impressive too. The Ashton Martini leads the way followed by 200 whiskeys, 300 assorted spirits, 20 craft cocktails, and 50 wines…but only 6 draught beers. We’ll have to complain about that one! You can get to Holt’s and the Ashton Cigar Bar pretty easily from many East Coast/D.C. destinations. If you’re in the area on business, vacationing in Cape May or in town to see your team take on the Eagles/Flyers/Phillies/76ers, then put the cigar store and the bar on your “must-see” list along with Independence Hall and other historic sites!