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As you read our site, cigar reviews or other literature, you’ll come across a range of acronyms and abbreviations. Here’s a handy list of what they mean. Some are technical and many are simply slang. Our Cigars Direct Guide also includes a complete list of terms. 898 or 8-9-8: Refers to a common way that boxes of 25 cigars are packed. Three layers are used; the bottom and top layers contain eight cigars while the middle layer has nine. AF: Arturo Fuente. B&M: Brick and mortar; refers to local cigar retailers vs. online retailers. BBF: Bolivar Belicoso Fino. BBMF: Refers to the AF Opus X cigar with a sizeable reputation. The acronym starts with Big Bad Mother… BCG: Bolivar Corona Grande. BOTL: Brothers of the leaf; A collegial way to describe other cigar enthusiasts. CA: Cigar Aficionado Magazine, perhaps the most influential publication and website dedicated to cigars. Cammie: Cameroon wrapper. CF: Cigar Family – Fuente and J.C. Newman cigars CRA: Cigar Rights of America is a smokers’ group dedicated to protection smokers’ freedom to enjoy cigars in public places such as cigar bars and lounges. CS Wrapper or CS: A Connecticut shade wrapper. DC Max: Diamond Crown Maximus cigar. ESG: Estate sun grown, used of Ashton ESG cigars. FFOX: Fuente Fuente Opus X cigars. HDM: Hoyo de Monterrey cigars. Humi: Humidor. Mac: Macanudo cigars. Maddie or Maddy: Maduro wrapper. Monte/Monty: Montecristo Cigars. PAM: Padrón Anniversary (Anny) Maduro. PAN: Padrón Anny with a natural wrapper. PP: Punch Cigars Punch brand. RP: Rocky Patel. RyJ: Romeo y Julieta Cigars. Shark: Fuente Anejo #77 cigar. SLB: Slide lid box. SOTL: Sister of the Leaf; a woman who enjoys smoking cigars. TBN: Tabaco Bawah Naungan, an Indonesian shade-grown wrapper. VSG: Virgin sun grown wrapper, an Ashton brand.