8 Great Smokes Under $8

by Juan Panesso
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In tough times, cigars can be a difficult habit to have when things are going off the rails on a crazy train. And when you love premium cigars, things get worse. Some people can roll their own and make it all work, but others just want a great smoke that doesn't cost $25 (or more). For those folks, we’ve got a list of 8 cigars that are all under $8 (at the time of writing this blog). Some are even as low as $5!

These are smokes right on the edge of 90-points. They haven’t yet gotten that premium price bump, and hopefully, they never will. They deliver a really nice smoking experience and don’t crush your budget. For a once-a-week enjoyment, you can’t beat these cigars.

These are 8 of our best-value cigars for 2022. Enjoy!

Charter Oak Habano

This 92-rated cigar is about as good a value as you can find anywhere. The long-filler tobacco is primo Nicaraguan, draped in a flavorful Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Nick Melillo and his team clearly have a nose for great leaf, and this one delivers one tasty puff after the other. Nutty, creamy, sweet, and peppery at just the right moments, Charter Oak’s Habano is going to be every cigar lover's humidor stable for a long time to come.

Nat Cicco Casino Real

The Casino Real from Nat Cicco is another 92-rated stick built on the formula of Nicaraguan filler + Ecuador Habano wrapper. The flavor combo is a certified winner. According to Cigar Aficionado, it has notes of black cherry, leather, coffee bean, and toast. They pack a lot of punch into a little package, by taking a classic leaf and blending it into something that gets you the most bang for your buck.

This is a revived brand, but keep an eye on it. They have a new and improved way of doing things that will surely tickle your tastebuds. 

Gran Habano Corojo No. 5

Gran Habano adds a Costa Rican twist to a luscious Nicaraguan blend to make something interesting and enjoyable. The Corojo No. 5 is 91 points of full-strength tobacco that offers “toasty, spicy smoke with hints of licorice, a touch of charcoal, and a tangy, fruity finish.” Think that sounds like a lot? It is! CA's reviewer praised it for being "Bold for such a small cigar."

At around $5, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth, making this one of the best value cigars on our site.

La Aurora 1903 Cameroon

If you’re used to the exotic woodiness of genuine Cameroon cigars, you’ll be surprised by La Aurora’s 1903 Cameroon cigar. This one is 91-rated and offers something totally unexpected: “The sweet, warm aroma of fresh baked cookies.” If that doesn’t get you salivating for a cigar, we don’t know what will.

This is a nice note to have in your cigar, but if you really have a cookie craving, you will of course need to get the real thing. But we’d have to agree that there’s no pairing quite like fresh-baked cookies, some coffee, and a nice La Aurora burning tableside. At around $6 per cigar, you’ll have money left over for your sweet treats.

Alec Bradley Project 40 Maduro

The Alec Bradley Project 40 Maduro features Nicaraguan filler, a Brazilian binder, and a Mexican Maduro wrapper to bring it all home. It’s a flavor bomb with medium-full strength and a 90 rating to mark it as an excellent smoke. Take your pick among brownie, chocolate, and fudge flavors. It’s a dessert cigar, for sure. Its earthy, fermented ripe notes offer such a wonderful array of aromas that it's one you'll want to try just one time and then immediately wish you'd grabbed a five pack.

As part of the “Experimental Series” at Alec Bradley, we’d have to say that this one is an obvious success.

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Drew Estate MUWAT Bait Fish (25 Pack)

This is more of a bulk play. If you’re in the market for a super tasty cigar at a reasonable price, Drew Estate’s MUWAT Bait Fish should be one of the first things in your tackle box. It earned a respectable 89 points from Cigar Aficionado, and offers something of a herbal profile, with notes like peppermint and vanilla. Drew Estate is never one to shy away from the flavor, and with a blend that includes Brazilian, Nicaraguan, Ecuadorian, and Mexican leaves, you just know they tried different blends, restrictions or not until they found something worth smoking.

A single has a higher price tag than the other best-value cigars on this list, but the 25 pack is perfect if you need a box of cigars to put in a garage or take on a hunting, fishing, or camping trip with a group. It would even be nice to have these stowed away on a job site trailer or truck if you’re setting up at a particular spot for multiple weeks or months. It’s the perfect end to your long day.

Macanudo Inspirado White

The theme with a lot of the cigars on this 8 for $8 list is a big flavor in an affordable package. Interesting leaf blends make for cigars that pique the senses without breaking the bank. This Inspirado White from Macanudo brings in not just tobacco from Latin America, but also a genuine Indonesian binder that imparts a special layer to the flavor profile. Cigar Aficionado gave it 89 points and described it as “woody and wheaty with subtle hints of bread, cedar, and dried orange peel.”

At around $5 or $6, Inspirado White is a definite value play.

Oliva Connecticut Reserve

One Connecticut to round out the bunch! For those of you who enjoy a little shade-grown tobacco for your wrapper, Oliva has a decent Connecticut to brighten your mornings. This one is 88 points mild-medium cigar that smokes smooth with notes of wood and vanilla. If you like robustos, make the coffee, and don't skimp on the creamer—we've got your cigar for less than $7!

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