7 Must-Try Cigar and Music Pairings

by Juan Panesso
Cigar and Music Pairings


When you pair cigars with music, it creates a delightful symphony that satisfies both your senses and soul. There is something about the connection between cigars and music that goes beyond enjoying our senses. When we light up a cigar, its deep tobacco aroma blends perfectly with soulful blues tunes or the grand notes of an orchestra. The rhythm of the music combined with the deliberate act of smoking a cigar creates a meditative atmosphere where relaxation and mindfulness thrive.

Cigars and music have a connection especially when it comes to jazz. Jazz is the choice for cigar enthusiasts who want a relaxing experience. The improvisational nature and intricate harmonies of jazz reflect the nuanced flavors found in high-quality cigars. Whether it's the undertones of a Cuban cigar blending with the notes of a saxophone or the lively dance between a Dominican cigar and the rhythmic beats of a jazz ensemble, this combination creates an enchanting and captivating experience.

On the other hand, if you're looking for something intense and energetic, rock 'n' roll paired with cigars is an exhilarating option. The raw power and rebellious nature of rock music perfectly complement the robust flavors of bodied cigars. Just imagine the fiery riffs of a guitar intertwining with the smoke from a Nicaraguan cigar – it sets your senses on fire and ignites passion, like no other.

For those with an adventurous spirit, exploring world music alongside cigars offers a global exploration of tastes and melodies. From the passionate rhythms of flamenco to the vibrant beats of Afro-Cuban jazz, the world is filled with a diverse tapestry of musical styles waiting to be discovered alongside the captivating flavors of cigars from different regions. The cross-cultural symphony of cigars and world music transports enthusiasts to new realms of sensory delight.

Meanwhile, we bring 7 classical music pairings for you that are priceless. The beautiful fusion of cigars with the timeless compositions of musicians like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach enhances the musical journey cultivating a newfound appreciation for both art forms. 

  1. Savor a Connecticut-wrapped Cigar Alongside Mozart’s Melodies. To begin your journey, indulge in the smoothness of a Connecticut-wrapped cigar expertly paired with the gentle melodies crafted by Mozart. The creamy undertones of this cigar beautifully complement the refined nature of Mozart's compositions allowing you to unwind and find tranquility in this union. Together, they create an ambiance that brings calmness whether you're enjoying your evening in the company of friends or having a peaceful solitary time. 
  2. For those seeking a daring encounter, we recommend coupling a Maduro-wrapped cigar with Beethoven's powerful and dramatic compositions. The deep and luscious flavors of the cigar seamlessly blend with Beethoven's charged melodies resulting in an enthralling combination that leaves an enduring impact. As the robust notes of the cigar resonate through your senses, they mirror the grandeur and strength embodied in Beethoven's symphonies, enveloping you in an atmosphere brimming with intensity and passion. 
  3. Indulge yourself in the grandiosity and sophistication of Tchaikovsky’s symphonies while savoring a cigar. The rich history and cultural significance associated with both these elements create a pairing that celebrates tradition and artistic brilliance. As you delight in the earthy flavors of the cigar, they beautifully complement the luxurious essence found in Tchaikovsky’s compositions transporting you to a realm of elegance fit for royalty. 
  4. Experience the evocative world created by Debussy’s compositions while enjoying a Dominican cigar. The lively dance of flavors from the cigar perfectly aligns with the poetic nature of Debussy's music taking you on a dream journey filled with relaxation and pure enjoyment. As you indulge in the flavorful notes of the cigar, they harmonize effortlessly with Debussy’s melodies resulting in a pairing that truly enthrals your imagination and invigorates your spirit. 
  5. Embrace the precision and complexity in Bach's compositions alongside a meticulously crafted Honduran cigar. The harmony of flavors within this cigar mirrors the harmonies found in Bach's music creating a pairing that appeals to both intellectuality and sensory pleasure. Indulge in the well-balanced flavors of the cigar as they perfectly complement the sophisticated essence of Bach's concertos. This combination celebrates the mastery of craftsmanship and artistic brilliance. It's an exploration of how music and cigars interact, unraveling layers of appreciation with every puff and musical note.
  6. Immerse yourself in introspection with Chopin's nocturnes enhanced by the expressive flavors found in a Nicaraguan cigar. This pairing evokes contemplation and emotion, allowing you to delve into the depths of both the music and the cigar. As you appreciate the dance of flavors from the cigar, they match seamlessly with Chopin's melodies creating an experience that stirs your heart while stimulating your senses. 
  7. Embrace the majesty and brilliance emanating from Vivaldi's concertos while enjoying the refined flavors provided by an Ecuadorian-wrapped cigar. The vibrant and lively music created by Vivaldi perfectly complements the character of a cigar resulting in a combination that is both invigorating and captivating. As you savor the flavorful notes of the cigar, they beautifully blend with Vivaldi's energetic compositions whisking you away to a world filled with excitement and joy. 

In the end, enjoying cigars and music together is an experience that can be savored either at home or in the company of friends. It's about exploring, trying different genres of music and finding the perfect harmony that aligns with personal tastes creating a beautiful symphony of feelings and emotions.