6 Free Things to Get Dad Besides Cigars

by Juan Panesso
Paper with words HAPPY FATHER'S DAY and bow tie on wooden table


This Father’s Day, you know we support getting dad some cigars. Cigar Aficionado’s recent Top 25 list had fantastic suggestions:

  1. the bold, spicy, and nutty flavor of Rocky Patel’s Sixty Sixty,
  2. the smooth and sweet Davidoff Nicaragua Diadema,
  3. and for the maduro fans, the Alec Bradley Black Market, which makes a fantastic smoke out by the firepit or the grill.

But if you haven’t got a dollar to spend, there are some free things you can get dad that will go over way better than plenty of things on this year’s Father’s Day gift guides.

Let’s dive right in with…

Some Peace and Quiet

This one is golden. Dad has heard all the unpleasant sounds there are on this earth. Screeching, yelling, fighting, stressing, berating, arguing – and that’s just around the dinner table! This Father’s Day, get dad the massively underrated gift of silence.

Let dad take a rest from hearing all the day’s complaints, and let the sounds of nature fill the air. Let it be one of the few days this year where, as soon as he finally sits down and tries to decompress, he finally won’t hear someone calling in the background:


We have two ears and one mouth. Hopefully, on Father’s Day, none of them will be used!

Do Something Yourself for a Change

If dad’s been dutifully carrying you for these last 37 years, it might be nice to give old dad a break this time around. He’s tried to be your hero since day one, but it just might be time for you to spead those wings and try to handle something on your own. He’d probably genuinely love to give you an assist, so long as you’re diving in and taking care of business, and he gets to be a source of advice that sits on his ass and doesn’t lift a finger.

A repair. A chore. Paying for literally anything. Give it a shot. Be dad’s hero and take something off his never ending to-do list.

Chauffeur for a brewery tour

Dad’s (and perhaps some buddies) are gunna get trashed and you’re gunna be the Uber for the day! You don’t have to pay the tab, you just have to stay sober enough to avoid getting the car impounded while you travel from spot to spot. Bonus points if you plan it out, or give him a list of options and plan the excursion. Now dad can sit in the passenger seat for what may be the first time ever!

It’s kind of nice not being responsible for anything.

Take over maintenance

If you’ve got one of those houses where dad is maintaining everything, surprise dad by knocking out some of this season’s maintenance chores. You may need dad’s blessing to touch his stuff, but you can get oil into the mower motor and have the blade sharpened, change the air filters in the AC system, and do any of the things that dad needs done. It won’t cost you a dime and you just might learn a thing or two.

Big project: organize/clean the garage or shed

Imagine it: dad is sitting in a chair with a cooler and some stogies. As he sips his way through his third cold one of the afternoon, we watches as you whip a formerly messy space into a pristine point of pride. If dad has cursed pulling things out of the shed or routinely trips over things in the garage, this could be huge.

Think about how nice it would be to walk into a neat garage and know that you didn’t have to do a damn thing to get it that way. Bliss.

If all else fails, go fishin’

Dig up some worms and ask if dad would like to spend the day by the water. Pack a lunch and some brews in a cooler and you’ve got a fine Father’s Day taking shape.

Hopefully some of these ideas get your creativity going. It doesn’t take much to make a dad happy. Rest and relaxation are free gifts you can always give a dad. And if there’s drinks and cigars to go with it, that’s about as good as it gets.

(That and finally moving out so mom and dad can do it in the living room again like they did in the good old days.)