4 Valentine’s Day Cigars to Spark Romance

by Juan Panesso
Valentine's cigars


Your sweetheart may not love cigars, but if they love YOU, they just might hand you the gift you really want on love day: a pack of Valentine’s Day cigars! Worst case, you can buy yourself a little treat for being such an exceptional person. While most of our cigar fans are guys, we know that there are some ladies out there who love smoking stogies (and you look damn good doing it). Whether you’re buying for a gal or a guy, this list has 4 romantic Valentine’s Day cigars that will provide the perfect smokable that provides a beautiful way to segue from dinner into drinks and dessert.

And hopefully beyond.

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor

The Mexican San Andrés wrapper will have you expecting dark colors and peppery spice, but in the hands of My Father Cigars master blender José “Don Pepin” Garcia, you get something far more artful than the standard.

This Valentine's Day cigar is perfectly balanced with a rich blend of Nicaraguan fillers, which is Don Pepin’s signature. You’ll get the flavors of earthy black coffee, but also buttery toffee and hints of sweetness. Taking a puff of this cigar whose name means "my love" in Spanish, will be an experience you will not soon forget.

Illusione Fume D’Amour

Fume D’Amour isn’t just the “smoke of love,” it’s a 95-rated beauty that will absolutely steal your heart. Illusione blends are a favorite for some, and they take a lot of skill to blend. It’s no wonder that company founder Dion Giolito has such a cult following.

Unlike other Valentine’s Day cigars on our list, this one doesn’t feature a lot of ligero. In fact, it doesn’t feature any ligero at all, which is blasphemy to some. Once you get a draw of it, you’ll know why the blending team went this route – it’s a gorgeous smoke that offers a nougaty, nutty, spicy candy bar profile that’s straight from the heavens (which, for cigar lovers, is Nicaragua or Cuba, depending on who you ask).

Criollo '98, Corojo '99, and a “AAA Grade” Cafe Corojo wrapper. Illusione's special wrapper leaf name isn't marketing speak, it's a way to let you know which blend is the best.

Gurkha Seduction

Throughout the world, this ancient soldier kicks ass and steals hearts. The Gurkha Seduction is so damn good looking it’ll have you questioning every thought you’ve ever had about how sexy a cigar can look. But don’t get too hypnotized by the look of it – the taste is next level as well.

There’s the perfectly cured Ecuadorian habano wrapper, the surprising Columbian corojo filler blend, and the Dominican olor binder holding things together. This unexpected trio brings flavors that will absolutely grab you by the lips and not let go. Spicy coffee, rich cedar, and a caramel-sweetness that keeps you coming back for more… and more… and more… and… well, you get the point.

At medium strength, this Valentine's Day cigar punches way above its weight class to bring down the toughest cigar lover and make them beg for just one more puff.

Romeo y Julieta

The list just isn’t complete without a RyJ, one of the original brands of romance. For hundreds of years, people have been captivated by the story of two star-crossed lovers from warring houses that simply couldn’t find an approved partner. The heart wants what it wants, and sometimes what the heart wants is to get us killed.

For a specific recommendation, pick up the Reserva Real Nicaragua. With the help of one Abdel J. Fernandez, it’s been scoring highly for years now. Medium-full strength and exquisite flavors make this an intoxicating smoke that’s perfect for your Valentine’s Day cigar choice.

Cigar Aficionado, in a 92-point review, described it as “imparting a procession of notes ranging from slate, leather and honey-glazed nuts to raisin and spice before the woody finish.” Whoo boy! That sounds like one cigar everyone needs to get their hands on. 

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