When forbidden fruit beckons! [COTW-AF Forbidden X Toro]


Adam and Eve couldn't resist. "Enjoy the fruit of every tree, except that one." The temptation was too great and they gave in.

We think you'll give in on this one too.

"Forbidden", perhaps because all your senses will be involved. A dynamic smoking experience begins with the pure beauty it is to behold, the sheen, touch, smell and taste, it's an entirely sensual experience.

It's my pick for Cigar of the Week...

Arturo Fuente
Forbidden X Toro
(also available in Robusto &
Double Robusto) 

Each third will take you through different nuances of flavor and fragrance. Floral, cinnamon, cognac, anise, licorice...I could go on. These are legendary and rare, so snatch them up while you can.

Forbidden fruit can be as sweet. Enjoy!