Introducing H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigar

Written by: Juan Panesso



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H. Upmann: From Cuban Roots to Dominican Excellence

H. Upmann, a venerable Cuban brand, has evolved beyond its origins. While true Cuban cigars remain elusive in the U.S., the Dominican-made H. Upmanns at Cigars Direct offer exceptional quality and consistently rank among Cigar Aficionado's top choices.

The brand traces its legacy back to 1844 when banker Hermann Dietrich Upmann ventured into the cigar business in Cuba. Despite challenges, including World War I disruptions and legal conflicts, the Upmann nephews upheld the brand's reputation, adorned with gold medal victories from the late 1800s.

Transitioning hands amidst political upheavals, H. Upmann found refuge with Menéndez, García y Cía Co., renowned for Montecristos. The Cuban revolution and subsequent embargo hindered access to H. Upmanns in the U.S., further underscoring their exclusivity.

With operations bifurcated between Cuba and the Dominican Republic, H. Upmann diversified its offerings. From the 1844 Reserve to Vintage Cameroon blends, each cigar bears the hallmark of Dominican craftsmanship and heritage.

Explore an array of sizes and flavors, from the Demitasse Petit Corona for a quick espresso break to the Churchill, ideal for leisurely evenings with brandy. H. Upmann cigars offer luxury without breaking the bank, making them accessible for aficionados of all backgrounds.

Whether relishing the rich history or indulging in the nuanced flavors, H. Upmann cigars epitomize excellence. Discover the legacy, indulge in Dominican mastery, and savor the essence of H. Upmann.

Introducing H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigar. 

Day trading, often regarded as a rapid avenue to wealth, can just as swiftly reveal its downside: significant financial losses. For those intrepid souls who navigate the market's unpredictable waters, we present H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigar. 

Crafted to complement the adrenaline-fueled world of day trading, the H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigar offers a moment of respite amidst the chaos.

Discovering The Blend of H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigar. 

Featuring a distinctive Ecuadorian Sumatra cover leaf, H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigar boasts subtle copper brown hues and a trademarked band, signaling its premium quality. The H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigar combines Nicaraguan binder with a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco, offering a complex flavor profile of earthy undertones, cedar notes, and creamy nut accents.

Craftsmanship and Legacy

Blended by the esteemed Grupo De Maestros of Tabacalera de Garcia in the Dominican Republic, H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigar pays homage to Herman Upmann's original secret stash cigars distributed to VIPs. With over a century and a half of legacy, the H Upmann brand endures as a testament to quality and craftsmanship.

Experience and Pairings for H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigar. 

Ideal for those immersed in the world of day trading, H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigar offers a medium-full strength profile, perfect for moments of reflection and celebration alike. Pair it with a robust Scotch and embrace the highs and lows of financial endeavors.

Key Details of H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigars:

  • Flavors: Earthy, cedar, creamy nuts
  • Strength Level: Medium-full
  • Ideal Audience: Day traders seeking moments of solace amidst market volatility
  • Perfect Pairing: Scotch and bold red wines
  • Optimal Smoking Scenario: Rooftop bars after posting gains
  • Considerations: Embrace the journey; downside risks are part of the game.


As you navigate the complexities of the market, remember the sophistication inherent in trading. While gamblers may be viewed as degenerates, traders are recognized as savvy financial professionals. Explore our selection of H Upmann The Banker Daytrader Cigars and elevate your trading experience.