Warped Seleccion Domain 4546

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Warped Seleccion Domain 4546 cigars are part of a growing blend series for Warped founder Kyle Gellis.

To create his cigars across the entire brand portfolio, he works with a number of factories. The inspiration behind Seleccion Domain is to celebrate some of these cigar makers who work so hard to ensure that the sticks we enjoy can meet our high expectations for craftsmanship. Gellis’s goal was to “craft a blend from each factory that highlighted the factories’ backgrounds and strengths.” In the case of Seleccion Domain 4546, the spotlight is on Tabacalera La Isla and “showcas[ing] the tobaccos of the Dominican Republic and focus[ing] on the factory and its youthful spirit to take chances.”

The factory is run by Hostos Quesada, an up-and-coming member of the Quesada family, who was ready to strike out on his own and manage his own operations. This cigar celebrates his entrepreneurial spirit and his cojones in taking a run at being in business for himself.

Kyle Gellis made the first Seleccion Domain 546 blend for DROP cigars, his own personal boutique line of smokes crafted to suit his tastes without regard to the requirements that would be imposed by larger production runs. It’s a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco that turned out to be complex and flavorful, with light notes like florals and freshly baked brioche (fancy, fancy!).

Now we’ve got a second turn at the blending table, along somewhat similar lines.

Warped Seleccion Domain 4546 cigars feature a Dominican Corojo wrapper that puts out an aromatic and leathery scent when you hold it under your nose. The binder is a rich leaf grown in the Cotui region of the Dominican Republic. And the long-filler blend is primarily Dominican, along with a bit of Nicaraguan. The flavor profile of the final stogie is leathery at the core, with hints of spice and sweetness, along with undeniable floral and herbal notes. Somehow these Seleccion Domain blends are coming out quite sophisticated and interesting. It seems that Mr. Gellis has been in a lighter mood, blending up smokes that focus on offering something you won’t get in every mainstream cigar.

His initials are stamped there on the band: K.J.G. This is his cigar, and nothing less.

This Warped Seleccion Domain 4546 cigar is made in the Dominican Republic. Outside, you'll find a Dominican Corojo wrapper. Inside, the binder is Dominican from Cotui, and mostly Dominican filler with some Nicaraguan. The Warped Seleccion Domain 4546 is a Rothschild-shaped cigar with a length of 4.50 and a ring gauge of 48.

This cigar is not the first release within the Domain Series line for Kyle.  The first, which was exclusive to Warped’s subscription-based DROP cigar club, featured the El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami. That cigar will remain a DROP exclusive, the new 4546 is available to all Warped retailers.

Please browse our Warped Seleccion Domain 4546 cigars at your leisure.

• What are the flavors like?
o Leather, sweetness and spice, florals

• What’s the strength level?
o Medium

• Who is this cigar for?
o Warped Seleccion Domain 4546 cigars are for those who want something that trades power and pepper for sophistication and intrigue.

• Will I want to smoke it to the nub?
o It earns your attention

• What’s a good pairing with it?
o Can we depart from the usual? Mr. Gellis seems to have done so. Make a bourbon peach punch: Muddle peach slices in a rock glass. Pour in a 1-1-1 ratio of bourbon, pineapple juice, and lemon juice. Toss in some ice. Add more bourbon if needed. Enjoy the good life and go toast up this Warped stick.

• What’s the best time/place to smoke this cigar?
o Summertime on the patio

• Any flaws/downsides?
o Not that we’ve discovered.

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Warped Seleccion Domain 4546

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