Rocky Patel Honduran Fresh Pack Sampler

Rocky Patel Honduran Fresh Pack Sampler Rocky Patel Honduran Fresh Pack Sampler

Each offering in the Rocky Patel Honduran Fresh Pack Sampler earned a 95+ rating, so if quality cigars are your thing, you probably want to investigate this fresh pack further. Here you have a collection of toro-sized smokes in a pack you can reseal for freshness. Whether you’re looking to add to your premium humidor stock or discover something new, this sampler has got you covered.

This quality assortment contains one of each of the following cigars.

Rocky Patel Decade

It took a decade to make this cigar as excellent as it is today, but that’s not where it gets its name. The Decade is named to celebrate Rocky Patel’s first 10 years in the cigar business. Like most of Rocky’s sticks, this one does not disappoint.

To this day, one of Rocky’s best-selling cigars, the Decade holds a secret blend of high-quality tobacco at its core. We suppose the Patel gang swore an oath of secrecy or something since no one is talking. But isn’t the mystery part of the fun? Indeed it is. A Nicaraguan binder keeps this clandestine blend intact, and an oily, toothy Sumatran wrapper completes the cover-up. These components get down to business to produce a medium to full-bodied smoke laced with flavors of leather, wood, nuts, and pepper.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown

Another day, another hit from Rocky for the Rocky Patel Honduran Fresh Pack Sampler. Here we have one of the first Patel blends to rate 90+. Complexity is a common theme among Patel cigars, and the Sun Grown is no exception. Deep within this cigar, Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco aged for five years goes to work with a five-year-old Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper to create a full-bodied, smooth smoke spiked with cedar, earth, and spice. The finish is long, sweet, and creamy.

Rocky Patel Olde World Corojo

Over 10 years passed between the original release of the Olde World and this version. Seeing as the original played a considerable role in Rocky’s success, many wondered why it disappeared in the first place. But that doesn’t matter now, because we have the comeback. Of course, this is more than a comeback; this is an upgrade.

The new Olde World Corojo is produced in Honduras with an updated Honduran Corojo wrapper. Within, we find an aged Nicaraguan binder and filler. These work in unison with the wrapper to create a medium-bodied smoke. Once lit, flavors of wood, graham cracker, and coffee are all present.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

Everywhere you look, it seems like the 90s are back. You see it in people dressing like Rachel from Friends, revamped TV shows, grunge-like bands, and more baggy clothes than the entirety of 1993. But you don’t need all that to revisit these glory days. Just grab a Vintage 1990 stogie from the Rocky Patel Honduran Fresh Pack Sampler, get it burning, and reminisce.

At the core of this 92-rated cigar is a tasty blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican Ligero fillers. These aged carefully for five years. Not to be outdone, the dark Honduran Maduro leaf aged for 12 years before wrapping everything together. During these 12 years, the leaf increased in complexity while shedding some of its strength. Once lit, this medium-bodied cigar that favors time on the mild side delivers cedar, espresso, caramel, and earth notes.

Please enjoy the Rocky Patel 5-Star Sampler at your leisure.

1 - Rocky Patel Decade Toro
1 - Rocky Patel Sungrown Toro
1 - Rocky Patel Olde World Corojo Toro
1 - Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Toro

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Rocky Patel Honduran Fresh Pack Sampler

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