Oliva Saison 4-Pack Sampler

Oliva Saison 4-Pack Sampler Oliva Saison 4-Pack Sampler

One can trace the Oliva cigar family all the way back to 1886. This was when Melanio Oliva began growing tobacco in Cuba. Between Melanio and today, the Oliva family overcame numerous obstacles, including three revolutions. This is not uncommon for a number of multi-generational cigar families. Whether it was grit, determination, stubbornness, sheer luck, or any combination of these, something kept the Olivas and other cigar families going. Something brought their name to this page and their smoke to our lives. Whatever it was, the cigar community is all the better for it.

The Oliva Saison 4-Pack Sampler contains two each of the following cigars.

Oliva Saison Natural

Up first in the Oliva Saison 4-Pack Sampler is the Oliva Saison Natural. The Oliva team combined their best 2009 tobacco yields to create this medium to full-bodied cigar. The stick’s core is made from long-fillers from Oliva’s farms in Somoto, Condega, and Estelí. This blend is wrapped in a Nicaraguan binder, and then everything is covered in a toothy bronze Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The cigar has an even burn, and thick, chewy, creamy smoke spiked with cedar, leather, and coffee notes.

Oliva Saison Maduro

With the Oliva Saison 4-Pack Sampler, you're getting two versions of the Saison—natural and Maduro. We just covered the natural, so let's check out this Maduro and see how it measures up. If you require a little more kick in your Saison, take it up with the Maduro. Like its 2009 cousin, the Saison Maduro utilizes only the best Oliva tobacco yields from one year—this time, it's 2011.

The cigar is ready for action after tucking those prime Nicaraguan long-fillers into a dark Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. Once lit, your hit with flavors of leather, sweet spice, and cedar. Here we have a medium to full-bodied smoke ready to get its spice on. Don't miss it!

Please enjoy the Oliva Saison 4-Pack Sampler at your leisure.

2 - Oliva Saison Natural Toro (6" x 50)
2 - Oliva Saison Maduro Toro (6" x 50)

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Oliva Saison 4-Pack Sampler

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