My Father Fonseca Petite Corona

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Cigar Aficionado 93-rated #18 cigar of 2020!

Does Jose Don Pepin Garcia ever put out a cigar that isn't a success? The man a legend and for good reason. It doesn't take a maestro to recognize a fantastic cigar. When you're at the experimental blending table, it not too hard to know when you've got something nice in your hands. It harder to figure out which leaves to combine to get those results, even harder to ensure that it occurs over a whole production run with dozens of hands in the mix, and hardest of all to bring forth high-quality tobacco from the soil to kick off the entire process.

In short: it not easy to do what Don Pepin does even once, and he does it year after year. We’re in awe of men like this and their entire organizational approach.

Fonseca is not an entirely new brand. Instead, it a relaunch of an ancient name that was born in Cuba, lived in the Dominican Republic, and made its way to its current home in Estelí, Nicaragua in the capable hands of the Garcias.

This particular blend features all Nicaraguan tobacco, including a delicious shade-grown Corojo ’99 Rosado wrapper. For those who have been smoking My Father blends, you’ll find that particular type of tobacco quite familiar, as it has graced a number of world-class cigars. It got an incredibly satisfying flavor profile that includes toasty gingerbread and a kick of red pepper that a reliable My Father note to strike. Fonseca by My Father cigars are really tasty and definitely deserving of the 93 ratings and the honor of yet another Cigar Aficionado Top 25 appearance for the Garcias.

Please browse our selection of Fonseca Petite Corona by My Father cigars at your leisure.

• What are the flavors like? Gingerbread, toast, red pepper

• What the strength level? Medium

• Who is this cigar for? Fonseca by My Father cigars are for anyone who loves Don Pepin blends and is ready to experience another fabulous tobacco concoction that shows why Nicaragua is one of the leading countries for cigars in the modern industry.

• Will I want to smoke it to the nub? My Father-style blends are always enjoyed from start to finish.

• What a good pairing with it? Let play off the gingerbread note and mix up a gingerbread Irish mule (1 part whiskey, 3 parts ginger beer, ½ part gingerbread syrup). If that too much trouble, just drink the whiskey or the ginger beer and enjoy the cigar.

• What the best time/place to smoke this cigar? Winter afternoons when you need a little kick in the pants

• Any flaws/downsides? It just too hard to find flaws with these cigars. Please let us know if you find any issues

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George W.
United States

Delightful cigar

A perfect mild smoke for a 30 minute smoke break

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My Father Fonseca Petite Corona

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