My Father Cigars Flor De Las Antillas Yellow Humidor

My Father Cigars Flor De Las Antillas Yellow Humidor My Father Cigars Flor De Las Antillas Yellow Humidor
José “Don Pepin” Garcia spent a lifetime learning tobacco and cigars, and it all culminated in a well-deserved Cigar Aficionado Cigar of the Year win in 2012. The name of the cigar that catapulted him into the limelight was the Flor de las Antillas, which translates to “Flower of the Antilles” in English. This is one of the colloquial names for the island of Cuba where Garcia was born in 1950.

That was a lifetime or two ago, but the Flor De Las Antillas Yellow Humidor commemorates the moment in time when José Garcia transformed into Don Pepin for the American cigar-smoking community.

Before the Cigar Aficionado coronation, he was well known in the Cuban cigar trade. From his beginnings as a boy in Báez, he had risen to become a Master Torcedor (roller), master blender, and teacher of teachers for cigar makers of Cohiba, Partagas, and Montecristo. But starting over in Nicaragua and Miami saw him start another climb to the top. His El Rey de Los Habanos factory in Miami was a big step in the right direction, but it was a partnership no one could have predicted that would help everything come together.

In the early 2000s, his work with metal bassist and tobacconist Pete Johnson would result in the notorious Cabinet Tainos blend for Tatuaje, which scored highly with judges and helped make a name for both collaborators. After that, many wanted Don Pepin blends, but his first true masterpiece would be his own: Flor de las Antillas. Following it up in 2015 with another Cigar of the Year win for My Father Le Bijou 1922, Don Pepin cemented his status as a legend in the industry.

This brings us to a humidor that encapsulates those years when Don Pepin made the big leap and took his place in history.

The lid of this yellow humidor features the original art for the cigar band created by Garcia’s nephew, Alcides Montenegro. It depicts two women working in the field, and calls back the cigar art of a century ago before striking modern branding became the norm. Then, pastoral scenes and classic styles were standard.

Grab your tasseled key and unlock the humidor to see inside.

The Flor De Las Antillas Yellow Humidor holds up to 75 cigars in its Spanish cedar-lined compartments. A hygrometer and humidifier ensure that cigars stay at the right moisture level. Remove the top tray to get at the stogies stored below. When you’re done, close up shop and lock the lid so no one can get their hands on your stash of My Fathers or any other fine premiums you’ve got hidden away inside.

They’re not included with this listing, but you’ll want to get your hands on a good quantity of Flor de las Antillas cigars, even now that it’s been years since the original was released. Cigar Aficionado had this to say back in 2012: “The smokes are delicious from the first puff, with notes of nutmeg, white pepper, and just enough strength without being overpowering. They are hard to put down. They are classics…”

And now you know why they felt the need to commemorate them with a humidor all their own. Enjoy the best in style, with the Flor De Las Antillas Yellow Humidor, from My Father Cigars.

Capacity - 75 Cigars
Dimensions - 14" x 10" x 6"
Color - Yellow
Inside Material - Spanish Cedar
*Includes Hygrometer and Humidifier

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My Father Cigars Flor De Las Antillas Yellow Humidor

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